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Understanding Work-Based Learning 

Simon Roodhouse and John Mumford (Eds.)

December 2010
220 pages
Publisher: Gower (www.gowerpublishing.com)
ISBN: 978-0-566-09197-1
Price : £60.00 » Website price: £54.00

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> Chapter 2 - Defining and theorizing university work-based learning


This important book is for anyone who wants to make the most of work-based learning: employees, employers, educationalists, policy makers and researchers. It sheds light on ways of giving full-time employees the chance to take up learning opportunities which are of the same level and rigour as those on offer to the full time student. It approaches the subject from the perspective of the learner, drawing on case studies to provide detailed insight. It suggests that universities already have in place much of the machinery needed to support learners who are in work: they just don't make enough use of it. Look closely and you will find a substantial legacy of this kind of activity by universities. This is a book about seizing opportunities.

In one volume, Understanding Work-Based Learning makes a valuable contribution to current employer engagement and learner demand debates, and provides first hand learner experiences to guide existing and potential work based learners, employers, educationalists, policy makers, and researchers.

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