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National Pathways and European Dimensions of Trainers' Professional Development  

Simone Kirpal (Ed.)

Reihe: Berufliche Bildung in Forschung, Schule und Arbeitswelt - Band 8
253 pp., 22 fig., 6 tables
Peter Lang Publishers: Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Oxford, Wien
ISBN: 978-3-631-61181-4 hb.
Price: € 42.00 £35.40

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This book comprises contributions that address the professional development of training practitioners both in a national as well as European perspective. It can be considered as being complementary to a number of European studies and research and development projects carried out during the last years to specifically address the situation of teachers and trainers in vocational education and training. The motivation has been to foster the exchange of national examples of good practice of the professional development of trainers and to relate these national approaches to the broader European perspective. Finally, emerging trends in the area of teaching and training that will challenge trainers' roles in the future present a key topic that is being addressed from various perspectives. 


Simone Kirpal/Graham Attwell: Introduction - Simone Kirpal: Emerging Roles and Competence Requirements of Teaching and Training Practitioners - A European Perspective - Pia Cort: Trends in VET Teaching and Training: Teachers' Perceptions of Change and Implications for Teaching Practice in Denmark - Graham Attwell: Using Technologies for Teaching and Training - the Challenges of Training Trainers in the UK - Joanna Burchert/Barry Nyhan: Trainers' Conceptions of Apprenticeship Training in Ireland and Germany - Vicente Giménez Marín/Antonio Navío Gámez/José Luís García Molina: Training of Trainers in the Spanish Construction Industry - A Private-Public Partnership Approach - Markku Kuivalahti/Matti Kurikka/Martti Majuri: Preparing In-Company Trainers for a New Partnership Approach of the Finnish Vocational Education and Training System - Krista Loogma/Olesja Rotar: Service Units at Vocational Schools in Estonia: Enhancing Opportunities for Integrated Learning - Hana Ciháková: From VET to LLL - the Czech Integrated Approach - Erik Kats/Jaap van Lakerveld/Hemmo Smit: Linking Vocational Practice and Vocational Education: The Mediating Role of Expertise Centres in the Netherlands - Silvia Weiß: Trainer Academies, Coaches for Apprentices and Round Table Discussions - Innovations in «Train the Trainers» in Austria - Dora Thymiopoulou/Babis Floros: Structuring VET Professions in Greece: The Unified Register for Trainers - Juliyana Dobreva/Svetlana Morozova: Models of Accreditation of VET Practitioners' Competence in Bulgaria - Iwona Soltysinska/Agnieszka Kotucz: Labour Market Trends and the Professionalization of Trainers in Poland - Bernd Haasler: Establishing Accredited Training Professions - A Possible German Model?

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