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Dream: Your Life, Your Future

John P Wilson

ISBN: 978-1-908098-71-9
2QT Publishing (Burton in Kendal, UK)
Release Date: 31st October 2012


It all begins with a dream. Apart from the natural world, almost everything we see originally began as a waking dream of what might be inside someone’s head. To achieve something we must first think about it before we can translate it into action. This can involve thinking about relatively ordinary things such as what we are going to wear for the day, and making a cup of tea or coffee. On a larger and more important scale it can involve areas such as planning a career, identifying personal characteristics in a desirable partner, designing a home, planning a business etc. in the future. But the future has yet to happen and so we have to use our imagination to explore what might happen. And the more we develop this personal capacity to dream about the future the greater potential there is that it will happen. This is not about a fantasy land, instead it is a practical approach in which we take personal responsibility for our future and anticipate the consequences of our potential actions.

Essentially, the concept involves learning from the future. The more we use our imaginations to explore possible future options the stronger become the neural pathways. It is a form of prospective reflection, something which Schon omitted in his discussion of ‘reflection in action’ (present), and ‘reflection on action’ (past).

Dream is designed to be an accessible book which inspires and motivates people to put their reflections on the future into action. More information can be found at: www.dreamfutures.eu  where two psychometric questionnaires will soon be available. (John P Wilson)

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