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The Futures of Adult Educator(s): Agency, Identity and Ethos

ESREA ReNAdET & VET&Culture Network
Joint Conference Proceedings
University of Tallinn, Estonia 9-11 November 2011

Heikkinen, Anja; Jögi, Larissa; Jütte, Wolfgang; Zarifis, George K. (eds.)

ISBN: 978-9949-29-058-1


The book is based on the 2nd seminar of the  ESREA ReNAdET (Research Network for the Adult Educator and Trainer) and  the 4th Trans-nationalization of Qualification Frameworks seminar of The Vocational Education and Culture networks. It reflects and discusses the identities, professional status and networking of different types of adult educators and related staff. The papers focus on

  1. Perceptions of adult educators: by adults, students, policy makers and in public.
  2. Theoretical, political and practical discourses on adult educators: the future of adult education as an academic field.
  3. Context and environment of adult education and different "types" of adult educators.
  4. Ownership of the adult educatorsí profession and professional borders: is there a professional future for adult educators?
  5. Learning, becoming, being and growing as professional adult educator, including issues of ageing and gender.
(Anja Heikkinen for L&W Newsletter Dec 2012)

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