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Human Resource Management in Public Service Organisations

Beattie, R. S. and Waterhouse, J.

Routledge: London 
30th April 2014
270 pages

Paperback: £29.00
Hardback: £95.00

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Trying to write about Human Resource Management (HRM) in public service organisations (PSOs), including NGOs, over the past 2 years has been akin to writing on shifting sands such has been the pace and scale of change affecting such organisations globally. For example, one of our key chapters on Recruitment and Retention in PSOs has been expanded to the ‘three Rs’, to include redundancy; a concept new to much of the public sector, particularly if compulsory.

We have deliberately not produced an exhaustive, ‘how to do’ HRM textbook, rather through thematic analysis we have tried to identify and explore, through our interaction with PSOs, the key HR topics and questions that PSO HR specialists, senior and line managers (and public sector academics), need to address to lead and develop people effectively during challenging times. For example, in terms of HRD we have examined a range of key initiatives used by PSOs during austere times including: accredited work-based learning; cross-organisational coaching and mentoring; and, e-learning. Further, a chapter not included in our original proposal, Employee Engagement, has emerged due to growing interest in this topic, and the challenges of keeping public service workers engaged during severe funding cuts. In particular we explore the role of learning in providing the foundations for the engagement of employees at work.

Finally, throughout the book the reader is encouraged to engage interactively with the content through discussion questions and exercises, to help them develop HRM/D solutions contingent to their needs. (R.S. Beattie)

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