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The Hybridization of Vocational Training and Higher Education in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland

Graf, Lukas

Budrich UniPress, Opladen
ISBN 978-3-86388-043-9
DOI 10.3224/86388043
302 Pages
29,90 €

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Open access via http://dx.doi.org/10.3224/86388043 
or Open Repository Uni Luxemburg http://orbilu.uni.lu/handle/10993/8548
or Pedocs http://www.pedocs.de/volltexte/2013/8290/

Austria, Germany, and Switzerland are increasingly relying on hybridization at the nexus of vocational training and higher education to increase permeability and reform their highly praised systems of collective skill formation. This historical and organizational institutionalist study compares these countries to trace the evolution of their skill regimes from the 1960s to today‘s era of Europeanization, focusing especially on the impact of the Bologna and Copenhagen processes.

Author: Dr. Lukas Graf, University of Luxembourg, Institute of Education and Society

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