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Maura Sheehan, Aleksy Pocztowski (eds)

Special issue on HRD 

Published by the Journal: 
"Human Resource Management/Zarzadzanie Zasobami Ludzkimi" 
Poland, December 2013
in English

Journal website: http://zzl.ipiss.com.pl/  [click a 'flag' for English version]
Issue website: https://www.ipiss.com.pl/zzlnumery/201306  [click a 'flag' for English version]

This issue represents a unique juxtaposition of contributions each of which are set within at least one of the international HRD trajectories identified by Morley and are situated in an overall broader context of ongoing global economic and financial uncertainty. It contains carefully selected articles prepared for the University Forum for Human Resource Development (UFHRD) Conference held in Brighton, June 2013, whose theme was "HRD in Turbulent Seas". 

Articles include:

  • Katarzyna Susabowska, Eduardo Tomé - HRD, SECTS and Culture – Theoretical basis for a comparative study
  • Anne Mrudula, Jamie Callahan, Hyounju Kang - Gender and caste interscetionality in the Indian context
  • Robin R. Hurst - HRD’s role in cross-border acquisition acculturation: a case study of US and Indian organizational culture and its impact on acculturation
  • Oleksandr Tkachenko and Alexandre Ardichvili - Human capital development in Central and Eastern Europe: An analysis of trends and challenges facing Estonia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia
  • Katarzyna Susabowska - The Quest for HRD in Poland
  • Anna Szabowska-Walaszczyk, Andrzej Brzozowski, Anna Maria Zawadzka - Human Resource Development and Performance: the mediating effect of Employee Engagement
  • Anna Laura Hidegh, Sára Csillag - Nothing is perfect?” The cooperation of an NGO and a multinational company in an HRD project on disability”

Also worth noting:
Thematic issue on the "Dark Side of Leadership"
at: https://www.ipiss.com.pl/zzlnumery/201106 [click a 'flag' for English version].

For further information please contact the copy editor Magdalena M. Wojtaszewska (redakcja.zzl@ipiss.com.pl). 

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