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Designing, Delivering and Evaluating L&D: Essentials for Practice

Jim Stewart and Peter Cureton (eds.)

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
May 2014
288 pages

Paperback: £44.99
ISBN 1843983605

Further details

The book is an edited collection of chapters written by leading researchers and teachers of HRD in the UK. It is intended to support teaching and learning of the CIPD module with the same title as part of their postgraduate diploma in HRD or HRM. The book is also suitable for university postgraduate modules in HRD as part of CIPD approved or CIPD independent masters awards.


Chapter 1: Designing, Delivering and Evaluating Learning and Development (Peter Cureton and Jim Stewart)
Chapter 2: Individual and Collective Learning (Clair Doloriert, Jim Stewart and Sally Sambrook)
Chapter 3: The External and Internal Context (Amanda Lee, Sophie Mills and Dalbir Sidhu)
Chapter 4: Establishing Learning Needs (Tricia Harrison and Randhir Auluck)
Chapter 5: Designing Learning Interventions (Crystal Zhang and Niki Kyriakidou)
Chapter 6: Delivering and Facilitating Learning (Michelle McLardy and Nigel O'Sullivan)
Chapter 7: Evaluating Learning and Development (Marian O'Sullivan and Michael McFadden)
Chapter 8: Acting Professionally and Ethically (Peter Cureton and Maureen Royce)
Chapter 9: Themes and the Future of DDE (Jim Stewart and Peter Cureton) 

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