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Towards a model apprenticeship framework
A comparative analysis of national apprenticeship systems

Erica Smith & Ros Brennan Kemmis

New Delhi: ILO
ISBN: 9789221279211 (print)
ISBN: 9789221279228 (web pdf)
160 Pages

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The ILO and World Bank in 2012 jointly conducted a study to review international experience in
apprenticeships and identify good practice principles based on the cross-country analysis. This report contains case
studies on eleven countriesí apprenticeship systems, a cross-case analysis and the development of a framework for a
model apprenticeship system.
The countries chosen reflect a mix of developed and developing countries, with apprenticeship systems of differing
stages of maturity.
The country case studies further confirm that better and more broadly available apprenticeships can reduce youth
unemployment and poverty when combined with national efforts to spur job growth. The evidence and lessons drawn
from their experience provide both motivation and practical recommendations for making apprenticeship a more
attractive and a more efficient pathway to productive and decent jobs for more young people.


Foreword - v
Acknowledgements - vii
Introduction - 1
Part 1: Cross-case Analysis of Country Case Studies - 3
Part 2: Framework for a Model Apprenticeship System - 29
Part 3: Country Case Studies - 39
Australia - 41
Canada - 52
Egypt - 63
England - 70
France - 81
Germany - 92
India - 102
Indonesia - 108
South Africa - 116
Turkey - 127
United States - 138

Country Experts

The team of country experts, who wrote the case studies and provided comments on
the cross-case analysis and the model apprenticeship framework were 
Salim Akoojee, AbouBakr Abdeen Badawi, Ludger Deitmer, MíHamed Dif, Robert Lerman, 
Linda Miller, Bibhuti Roy, Andreas Saniter, Nicolas Serriere, Özlem Ünlühisarc?kl?

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