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  New series of online publications on VET and HRD
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  Dear Colleague

A new series of online publications is now available on the WIFO site, called "Issues of VET and HRD in Europe". These publications can be viewed on page and also downloaded as PDF documents. They have been selected from several resource bases maintained by WIFO in collaboration with European partners.

This collection of publications, which appeared between 2002 and 2005, can be found on the page below. For a quick glance, a flyer of this page (in PDF) is attached.

WIFO Publication Series <http://www.pub.wifo-gate.org>

The publications are divided into two sections as follows:

# Analysis of activities
If you are interested in tracing the progress of European research activities in VET and HRD, particularly trends in community development and thematic profile, you can find various studies covering in total the period of 1995 to 2005. Lots of figures and analytical information on networks, partnerships, conferences, papers and projects are included.

# Proceedings of discussion
If you are interested in following the discussions on European issues of VET and HRD which were held  at major European conferences (ECER/VETNET and HRD Conference), you can find the proceedings of successive events from 2002 to 2005. Attached is an index of about 80 authors, discussants and presenters included in these proceedings - so you can look up quickly what you or others have said at a particular event.

The latest examples of both the analysis and the proceedings were already presented in the first L&W Newsletter (see <http://www.news.wifo-gate.org>). What the new publication series offers is a continuing insight in on-going European research activities. These have so far been pursued with tremendous drive but little self-reflection or systematic analysis. More analytical reflection, however, is needed for further developing our shared research potential.

Initiatives in this direction have been taken or supported by several actors involved, in particular Cedefop with its European Research Overview (ERO), VETNET with its new home page and annual surveys of activity, and the University Forum for HRD in cooperation with the EHRD Network. All these initiatives and collaborative efforts have also been essential for producing the analyses and proceedings compiled in the new publication series.

Your comments and contributions to this series are welcome!

With kind regards
Sabine Manning

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