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  New books on European research in learning and work
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  Dear Colleague

You can find details of a new book on 'Improving Workplace Learning', to
be published in July 2006, which has just been placed on the virtual
WIFO bookshelf:

WIFO bookshelf  <http://www.books.wifo-gate.org>

As you can see, there is room for more books on the shelf! You are
welcome to send details of your own recent publications, particularly
latest studies in learning and work, arising from European projects and

If you are interested in other collections of books which have been
produced by European research teams and networks you may view the
following selection of websites:

# The Cedefop Research Arena (CEDRA), which supports research
cooperation in the fields of VET and HRD, has particularly addressed the
theme of work-related learning, with a series of publications as
presented on the page below:


# Regular reports on vocational education and training research in
Europe have been produced and published by Cedefop. 'Evaluation and
impact of education and training: the value of learning' is the 3rd in
this series which can be looked up on the page below:


Please note that access to these Cedefop pages requires prior
registration at the European Training Village, which is quick to do

# 'Studies in Human Resource Development', issued by the University
Forum for HRD, include various outcomes of European and international
research. Details of individual publications can be traced on the page

UFHRD <http://www.ufhrd.co.uk/studies/books.htm#AResearch>

# Last but not least, the European Society for Research on the Education
of Adults (ESREA) provides a wealth of publications on its home page
(please click the links on the left bar of this portal):

ESREA <http://www.esrea.org/>

With kind regards
Sabine Manning

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