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  Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe
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  Dear Colleague

What are the patterns of HRD and VET research in Europe? How can we get
an overall picture of these research activities across national systems?
So far, our analysis has been concentrated on the European level,
identifying research trends related to EU projects and European
conferences (see L&W Newsletter No 06/01). 

Now an attempt has been made to map HRD and VET research across Europe,
based on an analysis of 250 national institutions in 22 countries. This
study is part of a Cedefop supported project, carried out by the
Research Forum WIFO in collaboration with the ReferNet

To start with, a set of theses has been put forward, addressing issues
arising from the institutional analysis. Two round tables of European
experts have been arranged for taking up this discussion: the first one
held at the HRD Conference in Tilburg (May 06) and the second one
planned for ECER/ VETNET in Geneva (Sept 06). Both the theses and the
proceedings of the Tilburg discussion have just been published on the
following page:

Mapping HRD/VET  <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/vet-hrd/theses.htm>

One of the issues raised in this analysis refers to research activities
apparently situated 'in between' HRD and VET, such as 'learning and
work'. How can we assess this large area of overlapping research? Is it
rooted in either HRD or VET, or in both, or in related fields like
educational and work studies?

An interesting example of this interdisciplinary research was presented
in a parallel symposium at the Tilburg conference, on the theme of
"Older Workers and Lifelong Learning". Topical information about this
network-based project, conducted by the International Research Institute
of Stavanger (IRIS) in the framework of the Cedefop Research Arena
(Cedra), is available on the web:

Older Workers/ LLL <http://www.irisresearch.no/owll-cedefop>

Finally, the institutional analysis reveals differences in thematic
patterns between national and European research in VET/HRD (thesis 5).
In this context you may find it stimulating to read latest comments,
linked to a previous study, on the European communities of VET and HRD
researchers (comparative analysis of the two annual conferences) - see

Comments <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/vet-pr/ecer-hrd.htm>

As always, your feedback would be welcome - not least since the
'mapping' project mentioned above is only in its initial phase!

With best wishes
Sabine Manning

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