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  European Masters programmes and Doctoral dissertations
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  Dear Colleague

The speedy development of Masters programmes in Europe has had a growing
impact not only on the university landscape but also on the profile of
research and practice in VET and HRD. An initial overview of Masters
programmes was published on the WIFO website two years ago, as part of
the EHRD Portal in cooperation with the University Forum for HRD (see
page below):   

Masters programmes <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/ehrd-pro/=index.htm>

This directory will now be updated and extended to include European
Masters programmes in the broader area of learning and work, in
particular HRD, VET and work related adult education. 

You are welcome to submit information on the Masters programmes you are
involved in. Please check first whether the programme concerned is
already contained in the directory and may require updating. For any
additional entry (European countries only), please send details of each
programme according to the following pattern:

1 - Institution (name and home page) 
2 - Title of Masters programme 
3 - HRD/VET related component (within broader programme) 
4 - Information on programme (home page)  
5 - Contact (name and email address)   

Also envisaged is an online collection of Doctoral dissertations in the
area of learning and work across European countries. There has been a
growing awareness of the stimulating role young researchers play, and of
the support they need, in contributing to the development of research
and practice. Several networks have been engaged in promoting the
collaborative work with young researchers. 

As a contribution to these efforts, you are welcome to provide
information on expected or newly completed Doctoral dissertations in the
area of learning and work (HRD, VET and work related adult education).
Please submit the following data (European countries only):

1 - Theme of dissertation (original language AND English)
2 - Year of (expected) completion or publication
3 - Author (name and email address)
4 - Tutor (name and email address)
5 - Institution (name and home page)

Your input will be essential for producing both the collection of
Doctoral dissertations and the extended directory of Masters programmes!
You may just send a reply to this message, using the pattern given above
(1 to 5 in each case) for inserting your data. The deadline for
submission is 30 September.

With many thanks in anticipation and best wishes
Sabine Manning

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