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  New directory of Masters programmes in Europe
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  Dear Colleague

You may have a look at the new directory of Masters programmes currently offered in15 European countries (link below). Thanks again to those of you who have contributed to this edition by sending information on continuing or new programmes!

Directory <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/l&w-pro/=index.htm>

This directory, replacing the EHRD edition of 2004, covers the broader field of learning and work, as far as this relates to the thematic areas of HRD and/or VET. The main interest of this directory is to identify and map the themes of Masters programmes. This outcome is compiled in a thematic overview (page below), which links up to the detailed presentation of programmes arranged by country.

Overview: <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/l&w-pro/overview.htm>

Although this collection (about 80 programmes) is still preliminary, it may throw some light on emerging thematic patterns. A few observations are made below:

HRD and VET related programmes are represented in fairly equal proportion, mostly as components of broader subjects; HRD or VET as programme subjects of their own are rare.
While HRD is mostly related to HRM, it is also offered as part of studies in organisation and work or, occasionally, in education. VET, including continuing vocational education, is exclusively related to educational studies. In a few cases, HRD is offered in liaison with VET, as part of broadly designed educational programmes (see group 'combination of areas' in thematic overview).
In comparison to the previous edition, the HRM/HRD programmes have been fairly stable, while programmes in the areas of VET, education and organisation/ work have seen a lot of change and new developments. Worth noting are programme activities in relative small countries (especially Denmark) and by a new EU member (Lithuania).
The thematic mapping of Masters programmes, if related to individual countries, seems to match certain patterns of HRD/VET research, in particular the concentration of HRM/HRD on the UK and the provision of both HRD and VET (partly combined) in the Netherlands; VET programmes however are scattered, hardly corresponding to the research focus in German speaking countries.
EU supported Masters programmes (ERASMUS-MUNDUS) have been put forward in the areas of education and organisation/ work, but apparently not in the area of HRM/HRD. These programmes are characterised by broadly designed themes. Furthermore, both the EU programmes and a lot of national ones use English in addition to, or as a replacement of, the home languages, thereby fostering the transnational dimension of studies.
The relation between research activities and the provision of Masters programmes may be manifold, including the effect of promoting the subject field in academic and/or professional terms. This is evident in the case of specific Masters programmes designed either as a bridge to PhD studies (Norway: HIO) or in conjunction with a PhD programme (CROSSLIFE - see preview page).

The observations above are related to studies of European research activities which have been undertaken as part of parallel projects (see pages below).

ERO VET&HRD Base <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo//vet-hrd/=base.htm>
WIFO Research Monitor <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo//vet/monitor.htm>

You are welcome to provide feedback, including further information on Masters programmes. The present directory is open for amendments and updates of the included programmes, while additional input will be collected for the next edition.

With best wishes
Sabine Manning

PS: This issue of the L&W Newsletter is sent to an extended list including all chairs and contacts of the Masters programmes contained in the Directory.

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