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  Thematic patterns of HRD and VET research in EU countries
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  Dear Colleague

In the series on mapping HRD and VET research across Europe, a new study is available which presents thematic patterns derived from a project analysis. You can find the full text both as a web presentation and a PDF document for downloading on the page below:

Thematic patterns <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/vet-hrd/patterns.htm>

This study is based on a selection of R&D projects compiled from 23 EU countries. It offers new insight into European HRD and VET research by
# contrasting 'old' and 'new' EU countries with regard to their HRD and VET research patterns;
# presenting a thematic 'landscape' of HRD and VET research in comparison between national projects and EU supported projects;
# providing an empirically based structure showing the relations between HRD and VET research areas. 

The study has been prepared by the Research Forum WIFO for Cedefop, as part of the European Research Overview (ERO), drawing on country reports produced by experts cooperating in the Cedefop network ReferNet. The major outcomes of these country reports have been published in a synopsis (see L&W Newsletter 2006/08 of 17.11.06). The synopsis also includes the selection of projects which have been analysed in the study. You can find details of these projects by following the steps below:

> Go to Synopsis/ Grid <http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/vet-hrd/=grid.htm>
> Find column [3] Issues/ projects
> Select a country and click the link [3] leading to section 3: Annex
> View list of projects (including links leading to full details in the ERO Base)

More information on the background of this collaborative research, coordinated by Cedefop, can be obtained from the newly updated web pages presenting  the European Research Overview (ERO) and the Cedefop Research Arena (Cedra):

ERO <http://www.trainingvillage.gr/etv/Projects_Networks/Ero/>
Cedra <http://www.trainingvillage.gr/etv/Projects_Networks/Cedra/>

Kind regards
Sabine Manning

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