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  Dear Colleague

The European Research Network in Vocational Education and Training (VETNET) will celebrate its 10th anniversary of activities at the coming European Conference on Educational Research in Ghent (ECER 2007). As a contribution to this event, a new edition of ECER VETNET Proceedings has been published, including an indexed collection of papers submitted during the years 1998 to 2006 (see link below).

ECER VETNET Proceedings: www.ecer-vetnet.wifo-gate.org

In addition to the annual lists of papers (linked to the files), the new proceedings page offers an index covering the whole period. This allows you to search for papers by author, country and keyword. At the same time, the index serves as an overview of outcomes: You can see, for instance, the distribution of authors by country at a glance. Also you can get a first impression of the thematic profile of papers, defined by keyword and core topic. With a growing input of papers, the proceedings may be expected to develop into a valuable resource of research in vocational education across Europe.

The proceedings page has been produced in collaboration between the VETNET Board and WIFO, drawing on the resources and facilities provided by the VETNET home page and the ERO Base in the European Training Village. Special thanks are due to all the authors who sent or uploaded their papers for the proceedings!

An update of the proceedings including the ECER 2007 papers will follow soon. These new papers are already being collected by VETNET (c/o Ludger Deitmer). Should the presenters find that any of their earlier papers are missing in the proceedings, these can still be submitted for inclusion (please email me by 30 September 2007).

Kind regards
Sabine Manning

PS: This issue of the L&W Newsletter is being sent to an extended mailing list including all authors of the proceedings papers.

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