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  Request for information on European research activities
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  Dear Colleague

May I draw your attention to a review of  European research collaboration, related to the ten years of theWIFO Gateway, which has been published in the latest issue of the European Educational Research Journal (see details at www.about.wifo-gate.org). The short period since the mid-1990s has seen a remarkable development of research activities in the form of partnerships and networks across Europe, supported by various initiatives in establishing linkages and building joint resources.

As part of this collaborative approach, preparations are under way for updates of research overviews on the WIFO site. You are welcome to provide information on your own activities in the areas set out below: Masters programmes, doctoral dissertations, partnership projects and publications on European research. The deadline for all these submissions is 15 January 2008.

A new edition of the Directory of Masters Programmes (www.master.wifo-gate.org) will appear in 2008. This directory, including 80 programmes operating in 16 European countries at present, covers the area of learning and work, in particular HRD, VET and work-related adult education. Please send me details of each programme according to the following pattern:

    1 - Institution (name and home page)
    2 - Title of Masters programme
    3 - HRD/VET related component (within broader programme)
    4 - Academic year (2007/08)
    5 - Information on programme (home page)
    6 - Contact (name, function and email address of responsible person)

Don't forget to check the initial directory (link above), whether there is already an entry on your programme, which might simply need updating!

The Directory of Doctoral Dissertations (www.ddd.wifo-gate.org) offers an initial collection of 40 studies on learning and work across10 European countries. This directory will be considerably extended in 2008 in collaboration with the VETNET Board. You are welcome to provide information on expected or newly completed doctoral dissertations investigating issues of HRD, VET or work related adult education. Please submit the following data:

    1 - Theme of dissertation (original language AND English)
    2 - Year of (expected) completion or publication
    3 - Author (name and email address)
    4 - Tutor (name and email address)
    5 - Institution (name and home page)

You may use the pattern given above for inserting your data directly into the text of your reply  message.

New input is also requested for the selection of European projects (www.projects.wifo-gate.org), which is presented as a thematic overview on the WIFO site, linking up both to the project home pages concerned and the ERO Base in the European Training Village. Current projects related to HRD or VET research may be supported by several EU programmes, including the Lifelong Learning Programme (including Leonardo, Grundtvig and Erasmus) and the 7th Framework Programme (with its Categories 'People' and  'Capacities'). For further information see the Programme page on the WIFO site (www.programmes.wifo-gate.org). Please send information on newly started partnership projects, in particular

    1 - Title of the project
    2 - Coordinating institution and contact person (email)
    3 - Project home page

Last but not least, the WIFO Bookshelf (www.books.wifo-gate.org) invites you to present your latest publication on European research in learning and work, in particular outcomes of partnership projects. Please provide detailed information, including an abstract and the table of contents, with links to web resources if possible.

I look forward to your feedback, to reach me if at all possible before 15 January 2008. Just press the reply button of this message and fill in the information you can provide. Many thanks in anticipation!

Kind regards
Sabine Manning

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