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  Profile of national VET and HRD research in Europe
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Numerous studies have been carried out to establish national characteristics of education and training in Europe - but what about national patterns of research in this field? An attempt has now been made to present a European landscape of national research in vocational education and training (VET) and human resource development (HRD), covering 25 EU countries. This new resource offers a profile of national research, related to selected activities, in a comparison between the countries:

Profile of national VET and HRD research in Europe
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This comparative profile is a secondary analysis of national reports which were prepared by members of the Cedefop ReferNet in 2006 and subsequently published in the European Training Village (full bibliographical details are included in the Reference section). The major evidence provided by these reports can be looked up in an overview of VET and HRD research, arranged by country and activity:

Overview of VET and HRD research in EU countries

The Profile is structured according to seven aspects of VET/HRD research in Europe:

   1. Links between national research activities and national policies
   2. Links between EU sponsored research activities and national policies
   3. Issues addressed in research projects
   4. Thematic orientation of institutions involved in research
   5. Funding frameworks and support structures for research
   6. Thematic orientation of associations and networks facilitating research
   7. Effectiveness of research activities

Under each aspect, a specific typology is used for analysing the research activities and, subsequently, defining archetypes or levels suitable for transnational comparison. The outcome for each aspect is summarised in a map showing the European countries grouped according to geographical regions. This geographical pattern implies certain stages of EU enlargement and also specific socio-cultural traditions, both of which are relevant for VET/HRD research activities in the countries concerned.

All activities considered in this Profile refer to the field of VET and/or HRD in general. The composition of this field is presented in a special map, showing the focal areas of VET/HRD research in each country.

Areas of VET/HRD research in European countries

The new resource base for VET and HRD research in European countries (www.vet-hrd.wifo-gate.org) replaces an earlier pilot version offering a synopsis of national research (see L&W Newsletter 2006/08). The Profile of national research now put forward is a first step in mapping the scene and may be taken up as a stimulus for asking questions and initiating further analysis. Your feedback would be welcome!

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Sabine Manning

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