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Dear Colleagues

This is the latest edition of the L&W Newsletter, reaching you via a mailing list of over 1200 experts in and beyond Europe. It focuses on transnational research activities in the field of human resource development (HRD) and vocational education and training (VET), centred on major categories: conferences, networks, programmes of study, projects and publications. Many thanks to all who contributed information for this edition of the Newsletter! The next edition will appear in early June 2011. You are invited to submit short pieces of news (texts without attachments, but including links to web resources) - by 31 May 2011 at the latest!

With best wishes
Sabine Manning
Research Forum WIFO
Editor of the L&W Newsletter 

 Conferences / Networks

Conference: Research for VET practice and policy

The 18th annual conference "Research for VET practice and policy" of the VET and Culture research network and European Training Foundation takes place in Turin, Villa Gualino 31.8.-3.9.2011. The conference is reflecting on and discussing the roles of policy-led agencies like the ETF and of academic institutions like university departments and research communities like the VET and Culture network in this process. The contributions are expected to discuss what is happening to VET and VET research, considering their relation to pedagogy, to occupations and industry and to social and political developments. Also inputs to sharpening the intellectual agenda are welcome to the conference. The theme, venue, programme and working methods invite participants into critical cross-cultural and comparative thinking and discussion. We call for draft contributions (1-3 pages) from all who wish to participate in the conference before 31.5.2011. Please send them to the contact person Soren Nielsen (soren.nielsen@etf.eu.int) in Word or rtf-format. Acceptance of papers with detailed programme will be announced after 30.6.2011. All materials are collected on the conference website:
(Received from: Anja Heikkinen Anja.Heikkinen@uta.fi via the Newsletter of the VET and Culture network)

Workshop: Labour market challenges to educational systems
The 19th annual workshop of the European Research Network on Transitions in Youth will be held at Tallinn University (Estonia) from 8th to 10th September 2011, on the theme "Labour Market Challenges to Educational Systems: comparative perspectives". The Network welcomes contributions on all aspects of the transition from youth to adulthood, and particularly the transition from education to the labour market. Papers are welcome on topics such as the transition between school and work, the return to vocational education and training, and youth unemployment. The deadline for sending in abstracts to be considered for presentation is coming up soon. You will find the call and conference announcement for the workshop on the website [www.tlu.ee/tiy]. Contact address of the local organisers: tiytallinn@gmail.com
(Call received from: Walter Van Trier walter.vantrier@ugent.be)

Joint network meeting: The future of adult educators
Opinion papers are invited for the joint meeting between the VET and Culture and ESREA-ReNAdET research networks on "The Future of Adult Educator(s): Agency, Identity and Ethos", 9.-11.11.2011 in University of Tallinn. For VET and Culture this will be the 4th seminar on theme Trans-nationalization of Qualifications. Contributors may, but are not limited to, choose from following sub-themes: *Perceptions of adult educators: by adults-students, policy makers and in public; *Theoretical, political and practical discourses on adult educators: the future of adult education as an academic field; *Context and environment of adult education and different 'types' of adult educators; *Ownership of the adult educators’ profession and professional borders: is there a professional future for adult educators? *Learning, becoming, being and growing as professional adult educator, including issues of ageing and gender. 
The deadline for max 1 page paper is 27 June 2011, sent to esrea.renadet@yahoo.com and anja.heikkinen@uta.fi. Proposals will be blind reviewed by the scientific committee and acceptance confirmed by August 31st 2011. Selected full papers will be asked for by the scientific committee after the meeting. About the venue, accommodation, conference fees and instructions for paper submission, see websites [www.peda.net/veraja/uta/vetculture/conferencesandevents/conferences/tqf/tqf4; www.esrea-renadet.net/].
(Received from: Anja Heikkinen via the Newsletter of the VET and Culture network)

NOTE: Further information on research networks in the field of European work and learning can be obtained from the WIFO page Networks at a glance [www.networks.wifo-gate.org]. Forthcoming and recent events related to European research in work and learning are listed on the WIFO Conference page [www.conferences.wifo-gate.org]. 
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Exploring international best practice in apprenticeships

On 8 February 2011 the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) hosted delegates from 11 countries around the world to share their best practice and Apprenticeship expertise. Guests arrived from countries with well developed Apprenticeship programmes such as Germany and Switzerland and from those with programmes in development such as Pakistan, and Turkey.  In advance of the seminar, NAS circulated a survey to contacts in countries across the world; in all cases the results from this were that every country is seeking to maintain or develop its apprenticeship programme and in particular increase the availability of apprenticeships for young people as a way into work and an alternative to University.  All papers from the conference and the results of our survey are available here:
Further details and information is available by contacting Richard.marsh@apprenticeships.gov.uk
(Posted by: Richard Marsh)

Summer School course: Activity theory and formative interventions
Please find below a link to our forthcoming Summer School course "Activity Theory and Formative Interventions" (ATFI) which will take place from August 9 to August 25, 2011 at University of Helsinki, Finland. The course is aimed at giving a rich introduction to activity theory and developmental work research for those interested in pursuing further studies in this exciting field.
Theory and practice will be brought together with the help of case presentations and field visits to organizations in which formative  interventions have been carried out. The number of participants is limited to 30, so we recommend that interested students and colleagues send their applications within the next few weeks.   Although the deadline for application is in July, the courses are usually filled earlier. Students are selected on a first come, first served basis. Also a few grants are available covering registration fee, course fee and accommodation expenses. The course will be held in English. The application form and further information about the course can be found online through the  link above.
(Posted by: Anu Kajamaa, ATFI-course coordinator anu.kajamaa@helsinki.fi)

NOTE: Masters programmes related to work and learning in Europe are presented in the Directory of Masters Programmes [www.master.wifo-gate.org], provided as part of the WIFO Gateway.
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Call for information: Overview of European research projects

Contributions are invited for updating the Overview of European research projects [www.projects.wifo-gate.org], provided as part of the WIFO Gateway. This overview brings together resources which are normally scattered across websites of various EU programmes, institutions and networks. Of particular interest are latest projects still in operation such as could provide a stimulus for researchers to establish links in areas of joint interest. The overview focuses on transnational research projects, mainly supported by EU programmes, in the areas of human resource development, vocational education, work and learning. Participants in these projects are welcome to send the following information to the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org):  (A) exact title and acronym (short name) of the project; (B) name and email address of the coordinator or main contact; (C) address of the website (or info page/ flyer) of the project. 
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)
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Publication on EurOccupations

Just published (2011): Codebook and explanatory note on the EurOccupations dataset about the job content of 150 occupations - by Kea Tijdens, Esther de Ruijter and Judith de Ruijter.
Amsterdam: University of Amsterdam, AIAS Working Paper WP 107, http://www.uva-aias.net/publications/show/1412
Occupation is the key unit in matching vacancies and job seekers, occupational choice and career consultancy. Occupation is a key variable in social research, e.g. transitions from school to work, occupational structures and skill requirements. Yet little is known about the similarity of occupations across the EU. The FP6 project EurOccupations (2006-2009) aimed to build a database containing 1,500 of the most common occupations and for 150 occupations test the similarity of job content and required skill level in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the UK. The codebook explains the data collection. Section 2 explains the criteria for selecting 150 occupations from a provisional source list of 1,433 occupations. Section 3 details the process used for testing the similarity of the occupations. Section 4 explains the dataset, which can by freely accessed. This codebook and all project deliverables can be downloaded from the project website www.euroccupations.org
(Posted by: Kea Tijdens K.G.Tijdens@uva.nl)

Misleadership: Prevalence, causes and consequences
John Rayment and Dr Jonathan Smith (Lecturers in Ashcroft International Business School)
Published by Gower, 2011
This book is for those wishing to reflect on and develop their own and others’ leadership abilities.  It introduces a new approach to a key element of management thinking in a way that encourages and empowers individuals to think on a different scale and challenge assumptions.  The authors take a fundamental and critical approach, arguing that a lot of current ‘leadership’ is in fact MisLeadership, evidenced by the global financial crisis and range of urgent major issues facing everyone and everything on our planet. A wealth of examples and case studies relate the authors’ ideas to practice and enable leaders, followers and trainers to gain insights into the prevalence and causes of MisLeadership and ways in which it can be identified and overcome. 
For more information or to purchase a copy please contact either John.Rayment@anglia.ac.uk or Jonathan.Smith@anglia.ac.uk
(Posted by: Jonathan Smith)

New edition: Directory of Doctoral Dissertations
Released in March 2011 by the Research Forum WIFO, the new edition of the Directory of Doctoral Dissertations in the  field of learning and work (www.ddd.wifo-gate.org) presents just over 100 dissertations from 15 European countries. While maintaining previous entries, mainly on completed work, the new edition brings the number of dissertations still in progress up to nearly 50. In the thematic overview, the dissertations are arranged according to five major themes, all including vocational components: Education/ lifelong learning (22), Human resource development in organisations (25), Human resource development related to the labour market (7), Vocational education (25), Work and learning (26). Furthermore, the new edition of the Directory provides indexes focused on the authors of the dissertations, the tutors supervising the work, the countries involved and the year of (expected) completion. Feedback received in response to this edition will be added as an update in April (please contact the editor sm@wifo-gate.org).
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)

Call for thematic issues: Comparative and international education
Research in Comparative and International Education (www.wwwords.co.uk/RCIE) normally devotes two of its four annual issues to particular themes. In 2011 the first such issue, edited by Karen Monkman & Vilma Seeberg and scheduled for March, is on the theme Girls/Young Women’s Education and Empowerment in Marginalized Regions of the World. This will be followed in September 2011 by a thematic issue on Methods and Instruments for the Evaluation and Monitoring of VET Systems, edited by Philipp Grollmann & Melanie Hoppe. The journal’s Editor, Professor David Phillips, will be pleased to consider further proposals for future thematic issues, to be scheduled from September 2012 onwards. Please contact him at the University of Oxford (david.phillips@education.ox.ac.uk)
(Received from: David Phillips)

NOTE: Books with a focus on cross-European issues of work and learning are being presented on the WIFO Bookshelf [www.books.wifo-gate.org]. In addition, the WIFO Gateway provides a classified collection of European and international Journals related to education research [www.journals.wifo-gate.org].
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