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Dear Colleagues

This is the latest edition of the L&W Newsletter, reaching you via a mailing list of over 1200 experts in and beyond Europe. It focuses on transnational research activities in the field of human resource development (HRD) and vocational education and training (VET), centred on major categories: conferences, networks, programmes of study, projects and publications. Many thanks to all who contributed information for this edition of the Newsletter! The next edition will appear in early August 2011. You are invited to submit short pieces of news (texts without attachments, but including links to web resources) - by 31 July 2011 at the latest!

With best wishes
Sabine Manning
Research Forum WIFO
Editor of the L&W Newsletter 


Challenge Social Innovation - Innovating innovation by research - 100 years after Schumpeter

What does Social Innovation mean today? How can research sustain Social Innovation? What can the Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities contribute?These are some of the topics which will be discussed during the International Scientific Conference "Challenge Social Innovation - Innovating innovation by research -100 years after Schumpeter"and during the NET4SOCIETY FP7 Networking event. The event will take place from 19th to 21st September in Vienna. It is meant to support all political initiatives of the European Commission and other political institutions in favour of Social Innovation.At the same time, it will offer the unique opportunity to build consortia for the next Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities call in FP7.
For detailed information about the event, please visit the event webpage: http://www.socialinnovation2011.eu/Early bird registration (€ 75 only) ends at 30 June.
(Posted by: Hans-Werner Franz Franz@sfs-dortmund.de)

International seminar: Learning later in life
The European Commission and Cedefop are jointly organising a two-day international seminar on learning later in life and the impact of investing in an ageing workforce. To be held in Brussels on 21-22 September 2011, the seminar will be an international assembly of researchers, policy-makers and experts. It will contribute to the European Year for Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity 2012 by providing a solid basis for further work. Cedefop invites contributions to the seminar. For more information, please refer to the call for papers:
(Circulated by: Alexandra Dehmel Alexandra.Dehmel@cedefop.europa.eu)

NOTE: Forthcoming and recent events related to European research in work and learning are listed on the WIFO Conference page [www.conferences.wifo-gate.org]. 
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Centres and Networks

CIEO: Call for papers and PhD programme

The CIEO - Research Centre for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics is an interdisciplinary research centre, hosted by the University of Algarve (Portugal) and accredited and funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). Please visit us at http://www.cieo.ualg.pt/.
In cooperation with the Regional Studies Association and Birkbeck, University of London the CIEO is organizing the conference "Policy Implications for Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS) and Innovation in Regions in a Globalised Economy" on the 14th and 15th of October 2011 in Faro, Portugal. The main focus of this seminar will be multitasking in the rural world: small firms, technological change and sustainability. The workshop will be targeted at understanding KIBS in rural and other peripheral areas/regions in Europe, with a close-up view of the southern Iberian Peninsula. Call for Papers: http://www.cieo.ualg.pt/downloads/RSA_Faro_Call_for_papers_October2011.pdf
Forthcoming events organized or supported by CIEO are listed on http://www.cieo.ualg.pt/cieo_events.php
The CIEO also offers the PhD Programme in Innovation and Land Use Management. The goal is to promote scientific research in the area of spatial dynamics and organization, on a basis of multidisciplinary scientific knowledge related with innovation, sustainability and spatial organization. Open Inscriptions at: http://www.cieo.ualg.pt/advancedtraining.php
(Posted by: Julieta Rosa jarosa@ualg.pt on behalf of Teresa de Noronha)

New issue of the ReNAdET newsletter
The latest issue of the Newsletter published by the ESREA - Research Network on Adult Educators, Trainers and their Professional Development is available on the ReNAdET website:  http://www.esrea-renadet.net/issue3.htm
Starting out with an article by Professor Bruno Schettini, University of Naples II, on autobiographical narration and Adult Attachment Interview (AAI), this issue of the Newsletter offers a wealth of information on events, projects and publications submitted by members of ReNAdET and ESREA. Some European activities along with certain EU policy and research initiatives are also commented on. Particularly worth reading in this context is the Remark (p. 7) by Georgios K. Zarifis "A European Commission(ed) Adult Education Glossary - but why?", which aims at triggering some thoughts on the degree of intervention on the part of the European Commission in the field of European adult education. 
More information on ReNAdET can be found on the website http://www.esrea-renadet.net/ or through e-mail to esrea.renadet@yahoo.com
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)

NOTE: Further information on research networks in the field of European work and learning can be obtained from the WIFO page Networks at a glance [www.networks.wifo-gate.org].
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Welcome to study activity theory in Helsinki!

The Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning (CRADLE) at University of Helsinki is offering three opportunities to study activity theory and developmental work research. The first one is our international summer school course in August 2011. The second one is the international Master's degree programme in adult education and developmental work research, in which the next class starts in September 2012. The third one is the Doctoral program for developmental work research and adult education in which the next class starts in January 2012. Essential information on each program can be found in the web pages listed below. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions. 
Yrjö Engeström, Professor, Director of CRADLE (yrjo.engestrom@helsinki.fi); Auli Pasanen, Coordinator of CRADLE (auli.pasanen@helsinki.fi)
1. Helsinki Summer School course "Activity Theory and Formative  Interventions" from August 9 to 25, 2011. More information:
2. Master's Degree Programme in Adult Education and Developmental  Work Research. 
Next class begins: 1 September 2012. Application period: 21 November 2011 to 31 January, 2012. More information:
3. Doctoral program for developmental work research and adult education.
Next class begins: 1 January 2012. Application period: 22 August to 7 October, 2011. More information:
(Posted by: Yrjö Engeström)

Doctoral Dissertations and Programmes
Feedback received in response to the recently published Directory of Doctoral Dissertations in the field of learning and work (www.ddd.wifo-gate.org) has resulted in an extended edition, released in May 2011, now presenting about 130 dissertations from 15 European countries. 
New in this edition is an overview of selected institutions, which supervise(d) two or more of the dissertations included in the Directory. While this overview only represents a limited collection of dissertations, the initial outcome is still worth noting: Larger groups of dissertations related to particular institutions may point to existing doctoral programmes or schools. Examples with 10 or more dissertations include CRADLE - Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research at the University of Helsinki in Finland, the University of Twente in the Netherlands and the Chair of Education (Lehrstuhl fuer Paedagogik II) at the University of Regensburg in Germany. 
This institutional aspect, along with the thematic pattern of doctoral research, will be followed up in the next edition of the Directory, due in 2012 (no updates are envisaged before that date!). Furthermore, evidence on doctoral research will be linked with data on Masters programmes [www.master.wifo-gate.org], also maintained by the Research Forum WIFO, in order to trace the institutional and thematic landscape of European research in learning and work. 
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)

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G8WAY - Web 2.0 Enhanced Gateway To Educational Transition

The period between finishing education and entering the world of work is a time when young people have to make big decisions about the future. They have to identify their strengths and weaknesses, think about what they enjoy doing and choose a career path.  They also have to develop their skills in order to meet labour market requirements. The G8WAY project sees these transitions as specific learning opportunities. By exploiting the potential of web 2.0 the project aims to support young people through these intensive learning periods. G8WAY partners have been speaking with young people, conducting research on typical transition scenarios. The results are vital transition stories which reveal the motivations and strategies of young people as they attempt to enter working life. G8WAY partners are developing a platform which combines different web 2.0 tools in a common pedagogic framework. The platform will assist young people through their transitions and provide a space for thought, reflection, discussion and self-development. Please see www.g8way-eu.net for more information.
(Posted by: Angela Rees angela.marie.rees@gmail.com)

Call for information: Overview of European research projects
Contributions are invited for updating the Overview of European research projects [www.projects.wifo-gate.org], provided as part of the WIFO Gateway. This overview brings together resources which are normally scattered across websites of various EU programmes, institutions and networks. Of particular interest are latest projects still in operation such as could provide a stimulus for researchers to establish links in areas of joint interest. The overview focuses on transnational research projects, mainly supported by EU programmes, in the areas of human resource development, vocational education, work and learning. Participants in these projects are welcome to send the following information to the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org):  (A) exact title and acronym (short name) of the project; (B) name and email address of the coordinator or main contact; (C) address of the website (or info page/ flyer) of the project. 
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)

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Book launch and seminar on 10th June

Knowledge, Skills and Competence in the European Labour Market: What's in a Vocational Qualification?: book published by Routledge, June 2011 (weblink).
This timely and important new book by Michaela Brockmann, Linda Clarke and Christopher Winch with Georg Hanf, Philippe Méhaut and Anneke Westerhuis examines how qualifications, knowledge, skills and competences are understood in different national contexts and transnationally and reveals a complex picture of differences and similarities both within and between countries. Against the background of European Union policy initiatives, and in particular the European Qualifications Framework, a central focus is on the prospects and difficulties of establishing cross-national recognition, transparency and comparability of qualifications across member states, so vital for the free movement of labour. Drawing on case studies of particular sectors and occupations in England, France, Germany and the Netherlands, the book will be a vital resource for those involved with VET. It is to be launched on June 10th 2011 at the Nuffield Foundation in London, following a seminar on Mobility and transparency of qualifications across Europe. For further information, contact brockmm@wmin.ac.uk.
(Posted by: Linda Clarke L.M.Clarke@westminster.ac.uk)

Two new books on workplace learning
Karen Evans has jointly authored and edited two new 2011 books on workplace learning,  offering contrasting insights into learning in, for and through the workplace. 
The first, "The Sage Handbook of Workplace Learning" (weblink),  provides a state-of -the-art overview of the field of workplace learning. The authors are theoreticians, researchers, and practitioners in this burgeoning field, which connects higher education, vocational education and training, post-compulsory secondary schooling, and lifelong education. Karen Evans has worked with an international team of editors, Marg Malloch, Len Cairns and Bridget O'Connor, to bring together different views, theoretical dispositions, and incisive analyses. Contributors include Michael Eraut, Yrjo Engestrom, Lorna Unwin, Per-Erik Ellstrom, Tara Fenwick, Martin Mulder, Stephen Billett and many other leading names from the field of workplace learning. 
The second book "Improving Literacy at Work" (weblink), which Karen Evans has co-authored  with Alison Wolf, moves from broad overview to a very specific focus. While Improving Literacy at Work builds on detailed research from the UK, the issue is a universal one. The book examines fundamental questions about adult literacy development at work: how do adults' literacy skills impact on their working lives, and on the enterprises where they work?; how can we develop these essential skills in the workforce?; when and how can literacy support at work change individuals' work practices and engagement with further learning? 
Both The Sage Handbook and Improving Literacy at Work speak to managers and trainers in industry, trade unions and professional associations as well as researchers and lecturers in higher, adult and further education and all those interested in the fundamental changes that are taking place in workplace learning.
(Contribution by: Karen Evans K.Evans@ioe.ac.uk)

"Corporate Universities: Developing Strategic Best Practices for Growth and Development"
By Richard Dealtry, Chairman of the Global Association of Corporate Universities and Academies.
This book examines the dynamic nature of business and career-inspired learning and its relationship to an organisation's vision and strategy. Success demands well prepared, flexible, opportunistic and innovative thinkers. Cases and relevant examples are offered where opportunities have been developed and implemented - achieving significantly measurable returns on investment. It will be of particular value to a wide audience of managers, strategists, learners and researchers who recognise the need to create and deliver new dynamically based platforms from which to translate their vision of the future into high quality real-time executive management practices. The book provides a thorough examination of the issues involved, making a compelling case for the Corporate University, even for the most skeptical. It is available to purchase either in hard copy or as pdf download at: www.corporateuniversity.org.uk/bookshop.htm
(Posted by: Richard Dealtry richarddealtry@btconnect.com)

New journal issue: "Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training"
The academic journal "Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training" (ERVET) has just published Issue 3(1), with the following articles:
Stijn Rocher: The sorting of workers across job tasks: an application to graduates and occupational choice; Regula Geel, Uschi Backes-Gellner: Occupational mobility within and between skill clusters: an empirical analysis based on the skill weights approach; Daniela Rohrbach-Schmidt, Michael Tiemann: Mismatching and job tasks in Germany - rising over-qualification through polarization?, Michael Tåhlin: Vertical differentiation of work tasks: conceptual and measurement issues.
ERVET is a peer-reviewed academic journal with a distinguished international board of editors, inviting submission covering topics in the fields of vocational education, adult education and career and technical education from all academic fields. For more information see www.ervet.ch or send an email to the editorial office journal@skbf-csre.ch
(Posted by: Stefan Wolter stefan.wolter@vwi.unibe.ch)

NOTE: Books with a focus on cross-European issues of work and learning are being presented on the WIFO Bookshelf [www.books.wifo-gate.org]. In addition, the WIFO Gateway provides a classified collection of European and international Journals related to education research [www.journals.wifo-gate.org].
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