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Dear Colleagues
This is the latest edition of the L&W Newsletter, which will reach you via a mailing list of over 1200 experts in and beyond Europe. As usual, it focuses on transnational research activities in the field of human resource development (HRD) and vocational education and training (VET), centred on major categories: conferences, networks, programmes, projects and publications. Many thanks to all who contributed information for this edition of the Newsletter!
Particularly worth noting in this edition: the variety of activities and events promoted by European research networks, including ESREA networks, the VET and Culture network and VETNET (see Conferences/Networks and Publications), and also by EU project partnerships (see Projects). And not to overlook: Updates are welcome for the Directory of Masters Programmes and the Overview of European research projects (see Programmes and Projects), both maintained as part of the WIFO Gateway.
The next edition of the Newsletter will appear in early December 2011. You are invited to submit short pieces of news (text of 100 to 200 words, without attachments, but including links to web resources) - please by 30 November 2011 at the latest!

With best wishes
Sabine Manning
Research Forum WIFO
Editor of the L&W Newsletter 


EGOS 2012 – Helsinki, Finland

Subtheme "Self-reinforcing Processes in Organizations, Netzworks and Professions"
'Self-reinforcement dynamics' are defined as a process of positive feedback in which the increase of a particular variable leads to a further increase of this very variable. Examples of such intended and unintended processes, which bring about an action pattern which eventually gets deeply embedded in (inter-) organizational or professional practice, are self-justification, increasing returns, positive and negative network externalities, and adjusting expectations. The sub-theme particularly invites contributions that focus on one or more specific issues (see web page below), including for instance "Organizational learning and self-reinforcing dynamics". The sub-theme intends to foster an exchange of theoretical ideas and empirical research results across various substantive issues and theoretical traditions that are important for better understanding self-reinforcing dynamics. The due date for your initial paper proposals is January 16, 2012. If accepted, the due date for your full paper is May 31, 2012.  You can find more info about EGOS 2012 and our sub-theme at: http://www.egos2012.net/2011/06/sub-theme-20-self-reinforcing-processes-in-organizations-networks-and-professions/  Should you have questions or require additional information, please contact Prof. Dr. Jörg Sydow joerg.sydow@fu-berlin.de
(Received from: Monica Lee m.lee@LANCASTER.AC.UK via the Forum for HRD mailing list)

Re-launch conference of the ESREA Network on Working Life and Learning 
In order to restart the ESREA network on Working Life and Learning we invite you to a seminar at Linköping University, Sweden, 21-22 November 2011, to discuss emerging issues within the field. The seminar will give priority to in-depth discussion in continuous groups/workshops formed to include participants from different parts of Europe. Participants are invited to present papers in relation to one of the following themes:  1) Workplace learning, 2) Leadership for learning and development in organizations, 3) Human Resource Development, 4) Vocational education and training (VET) and 5) Stakeholders and target groups in working life and learning. For further details see website http://www.esrea.org/working_life_network?l=en and invitation at: http://www.esrea.org/filarkiv/1.251308/THE_FUTURES_OF_ADULT_EDUCATORS-call_for_papers.pdf
Please note: October 3rd 2011 - deadline for expression of interest (send e-mail to Andreas Wallo andreas.wallo@liu.se) and for sending abstract (e-mail to Andreas Wallo andreas.wallo@liu.se).
(Information from: ESREA Newsletter No 4 -September- 2011) 

Joint network meeting on the future of adult educators in Tallinn - registration still open
The network meeting on "The Futures of Adult Educator(s): Agency, Identity and Ethos", jointly organised by ESREA-ReNAdET (professionalisation of adult educators network) and the VET and Culture network, will take place in Tallinn 9-11 November 2011 (see August edition of the L&W Newsletter). Registration to the joint network meeting is open until 28 October. Full details of the programme, including the registration form, are available at: http://www.esrea-renadet.net/2ndmeetingtallinn.htm
(Received from: Georgios K. Zarifis gzarifis@edlit.auth.gr via the ReNAdET mailing list)

VETNET programme at ECER 2011 Berlin
Over 2000 researchers took part in the European Conference on Educational Research (ECER) from 12th to 16th of September at the Freie Universität Berlin. The programme of VETNET, one of the largest European research networks in vocational education and training, covered over a hundred presentations. The opening colloquium was designed to facilitate discussion among the participants. After four statements by Fernando Marhuenda (Valencia), Vibe Aarkrog (Arhuis), Vidmantas Tutlys (Kaunas) and Georg Spöttl (Bremen), seven groups discussed possible future scenarios for VET.  Excellent ideas and critical points for the research community were discussed and can be incorporated into a coming report. One of the main strands of VETNET presentations concentrated on the governance of VET cultures. Another rich presentation strand focused on regional VET collaborations at different learning venues. Some presentations looked at the effect of work based learning for apprenticeship students. A few presentations were found under topics like digital media and the discussion on European Frameworks. All in all, this year's presentations were of high quality and triggered vital discussions. The Conference proceedings will be finalised by the end of October and presented as before under: www.ecer-vetnet-2011.wifo-gate.org. More infos on further VETNET developments under: http://vetnet.mixxt.org/.
Executive Committee of VETNET: Ludger Deitmer (Outgoing Convenor, ITB), Michael Gessler (University of Bremen, current VETNET Convenor) and Marg Malloch (East London University, Deputy Convenor)
(Received from: Ludger Deitmer deitmer@uni-bremen.de)

Conference "Research for VET practice and policy" in Turin
The 18th annual conference "Research for VET practice and policy" of the VET and Culture research network and the European Training Foundation took place in Turin, 31.8.-3.9.2011, focusing on the roles of policy-led agencies like the ETF and of academic institutions like university departments and research communities like the VET and Culture network in this process. The agenda and abstracts are now available at the conference website: www.peda.net/veraja/uta/vetculture/conferencesandevents/conferences/turin. Papers and PPT presentations will be added soon.
(Received from: Anja Heikkinen Anja.Heikkinen@uta.fi via the Newsletter of the VET and Culture network)

NOTE: Forthcoming and recent events related to European research in work and learning are listed on the WIFO Conference page [www.conferences.wifo-gate.org].  Further information on research networks in the field of European work and learning can be obtained from the WIFO page Networks at a glance [www.networks.wifo-gate.org].
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Doctoral Program on Developmental Work Research and Adult Education (DWRAE) 

This is an interdisciplinary four-year doctoral program based on cultural-historical activity theory and developmental work research methodology. Located in the Institute of Behavioural Sciences at the University of Helsinki, Finland, the program has functioned since 1995 and we have produced 31 PhDs in this period. The application period for our program will end on the 7th of October. Please check the web pages of the Finnish Doctoral Programme in Education and Learning (FiDPEL) for the details of the application procedure:
http://www.edu.utu.fi/sivustot/kasva/en/call/ Within the FiDPEL pages, you will also find the pages devoted to our own sub-program: http://edu.utu.fi/sivustot/kasva/en/subprogrammes/dwrae/ Our doctoral program is free of charge. A limited number of fully funded four-year positions are available. In addition, we regularly admit a significant number of doctoral students who obtain funding from various other sources, e.g., in the form of grants, research assistantships, or partial salary from their employers. An important Finnish source of this kind of funding is CIMO (http://www.cimo.fi/programmes/cimo_scholarships) Please also visit the web pages of our Center for Research on Activity, Development and Learning (CRADLE), which is responsible for the design and running of the Doctoral Program: http://www.helsinki.fi/cradle/index.htm
Contact: Yrjö Engeström, Professor, Director of the CRADLE and DWRAE
(Posted by: Yrjö Engeström yrjo.engestrom@helsinki.fi)

Directory of Masters Programmes
Updates are invited for the new edition of the Directory of Masters Programmes available as part of the WIFO Gateway (www.master.wifo-gate.org). The Directory, so far presenting 114 programmes in 23 European countries, covers the interrelated field of learning and work, particularly including the areas of human resource development (HRD) and vocational education and training (VET). Please submit updates of your programme or a new entry according to the following pattern:
1 - Institution (name and home page)
2 - Title of Masters programme (plus English translation if required)
3 - HRD/VET related component (major subject within broader programme)
4 - Academic Year (2011/12 or later)
5 - Information on programme (link to web page)
6 - Contact (name, function and email address of responsible person)
Please send your information by 10 October 2011 to the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org).
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)
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PALADIN project: International conference

The PALADIN project aims to provide a significant contribution to discuss how to increase the participation of the senior population in education and training activities, how to empower them, as well as how to promote active ageing in such important areas of daily life as health, activity, education, citizenship and finances. An international conference of the PALADIN Project on "Promoting conscious and active learning and ageing: How to face current and future challenges?" will be held at Coimbra, Portugal, 20-21 October 2011. Target groups include professionals, researchers and students of human and social sciences, adult education and training. For more information on this event, registration and accommodation details and scientific programme you can visit the conference website: http://www.uc.pt/fpce/investigacao/GruposInvestigacao/EFUC/PALADINConference
(Received from: Georgios K. Zarifis gzarifis@edlit.auth.gr via the ReNAdET mailing list)

EUROlocal Conference/Workshop
You are invited to join the EUROlocal team partners and associates at a Conference/Workshop marking the culmination of this two-year project. This Conference/Workshop will bring together academics and practitioners in practical sessions to explore all aspects of Learning Cities and Regions. At the same time it will give delegates the opportunity to describe their own experience and knowledge on this most important topic. The event is to be held at the Centre Loewenberg situated in the historical town of Murten in Switzerland, 27-29 October 2011. Full programme details, together with an application form and travel information, are published at: http://pascalobservatory.org/pascalnow/pascal-activities/events/eurolocal-conferenceworkshop
(Information from: ESREA Newsletter No 4 -September- 2011) 

Call for information: Overview of European research projects
Contributions are invited for updating the Overview of European research projects [www.projects.wifo-gate.org], provided as part of the WIFO Gateway. This overview brings together resources which are normally scattered across websites of various EU programmes, institutions and networks. Of particular interest are recent projects still in operation such as could provide a stimulus for researchers to establish links in areas of joint interest. The overview focuses on transnational research projects, mainly supported by EU programmes, in the areas of human resource development, vocational education, work and learning. Participants in these projects are invited to send the following information to the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org):  (A) exact title and acronym (short name) of the project; (B) name and email address of the coordinator or main contact; (C) address of the website (or info page/ flyer) of the project. 
You are welcome to use both this Overview and the L&W Newsletter to disseminate current information on your European partnership project!
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)
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Research paper: Vocational education and training at higher qualification levels
Published by Cedefop in 2011, this research paper, covering 13 countries and six sectors, examines the kind of higher qualifications that are currently offered within vocational education, including their features, governance patterns, and degree of academisation. The paper also discusses wider issues such as the parity of esteem between vocational and academic education, and the forms and degree of labour market involvement. Publication details and download at: http://www.cedefop.europa.eu/EN/publications/18646.aspx
(Information from: Cedefop Newsletter no. 15 - September 2011) 

Strengthening the learning outcomes orientation in higher education
Background context, examples and recommendations in view of internal and external quality assurance
Karin Luomi-Messerer & Genoveva Brandstetter (2011) Vienna: facultas.wuv
The use of learning outcomes (LO) in higher education has gained considerably in importance in recent years. This development is widely expected to have positive effects on the quality of study programmes. The book highlights the challenges and opportunities for using the learning outcomes approach in higher education, focussing on internal and external processes of quality assurance. The book is divided into two parts. Part 1 outlines recent European and national developments and discusses central concepts and definitions. Part 2 includes recommendations and examples on how to use learning outcomes in internal and external quality assurance and on how to promote the use of learning outcomes in higher education.
This publication is only available in German: "Stärkung der Lernergebnisorientierung im Hochschulbereich. Hintergründe, Beispiele und Empfehlungen im Kontext interner und externer Qualitätssicherung". Link: http://facultas.wuv.at/list/9783708907826
(Posted by: Karin Luomi-Messerer luomi-messerer@3s.co.at)

National pathways and European dimensions of trainers’ professional development
Edited by Simone R. Kirpal
The publication details of this book, which was already announced in the August edition of the L&W Newsletter, are now available at: http://www.peterlang.com/ (info page). 
This book comprises contributions that address the professional development of training practitioners both in a national as well as European perspective. It can be considered as being complementary to a number of European studies and research and development projects carried out during recent years to specifically address the situation of teachers and trainers in vocational education and training. The motivation has been to foster the exchange of national examples of good practice of the professional development of trainers and to relate these national approaches to the broader European perspective. Finally, emerging trends in the area of teaching and training that will challenge trainers’ roles in the future present a key topic that is being addressed from various perspectives. 
(Posted by: Simone Kirpal skirpal@zes.uni-bremen.de)

ECER VETNET Proceedings: Interim review
The collected Proceedings of the VETNET programme at ECER (European Conference on Educational Research) now include more than 400 papers from 14 years. This is a valuable resource of shared knowledge about vocational education in Europe (available at: www.ecer-vetnet.wifo-gate.org). But how 'European' are the Proceedings papers? This question was raised in an interim review, prepared for this year's VETNET Assembly, focusing on three aspects: contents, authorship and the countries involved. Selected outcomes include: A third of all papers are European, in that they examine European or EU issues or compare European countries. Not more than 6% of all papers were produced by transnational (i.e. 'European') teams. Most papers are related to countries from Western and Northern Europe. Above all, the focal role of the UK and Germany in transnational studies is evident. Much less frequently represented are Central and Eastern European countries. Altogether, a lot still needs to be achieved before we can regard the Proceedings as a truly European resource! Full review see http://www.b.shuttle.de/wifo/p-sum.htm
(Contributed by: Sabine Manning)

CIEO Discussion Papers
The CIEO Discussion Papers are published by the Research Centre for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (CIEO) of the University of Algarve. The publication is open to the scientific community and periodically emphasizes different subjects, mostly related to sociological or environmental issues. In particular, our Edition Nº 5 - Sociological and Educational Studies - tackles questions related to education, human resource development as well as the relation between work and learning. Please note that all the articles are freely available at http://www.cieo.ualg.pt/ The latest edition of the Discussion Papers (Nº 6), focusing on Economics and Public Policies, can be downloaded from our website http://www.cieo.ualg.pt/discussionpapers/discussionpapers6.pdf
(Received from: Julieta Rosa jarosa@ualg.pt)

NOTE: Books with a focus on cross-European issues of work and learning are presented on the WIFO Bookshelf [www.books.wifo-gate.org]. In addition, the WIFO Gateway provides a classified collection of European and international Journals related to education research [www.journals.wifo-gate.org].
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