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Dear Colleagues

This is the latest edition of the L&W Newsletter, which will reach you via a mailing list of over 1400 experts in and beyond Europe. As always, it focuses on transnational research activities in the field of human resource development (HRD) and vocational education and training (VET), centred on major categories: conferences, networks/ centres, programmes, projects and publications. Many thanks to all who contributed information for this edition of the Newsletter!

Particularly worth noting in this edition are calls for papers related to both conferences and journal issues: MSKE and NHIBE conferences (see Conferences), ReNAdET conference (see Networks), JVET issue on gender and vet and EERJ issues on the governing of education (see Publications), and last but not least the call for participation in the surveys on the PLOTEUS and EQF Portals (see Programmes).

Should you prefer to read the current Newsletter edition online, you can already find it under April 2013 on the website (www.news.wifo-gate.org).

The next edition of the Newsletter will appear in early June 2013. You are invited to submit short pieces of news (texts of 100 to 200 words, without attachments, but including links to web resources) - please by 31 May 2013 at the latest!

With best wishes
Sabine Manning
Research Forum WIFO
Editor of the L&W Newsletter


3rd International Conference on Managing Services in the Knowledge Economy (MSKE)

The Lusíada University of Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal, announces the  3rd International Conference on Managing Services in the Knowledge Economy (MSKE), 17th to 19th July 2013. The call for papers is open until 8 April 2013 (500 words); Author's notification: April 29, 2013; Deadline for the submission of papers: May 24 2013; Review feedback: June 25, 2013; Final version of papers due: July 5, 2013.
We have set up a conference with lots of publication opportunities, since each stream has a journal that will publish a special issue with selected papers. Streams offered in the programme include, for instance: Virtual Organizations: Challenges for Managing Knowledge and Innovation; Benchmarking and Best Practice in Knowledge Management;  Knowledge-based Development in the Knowledge Economy; Knowledge and Engineering Management; and last but not least: HRD's Role in Knowledge Management: European Approaches to HRD in Knowledge Management (chaired by Gary McLean).  You can find more information on the conference website http://mske2013.fam.ulusiada.pt
(Info received from Rosa Moreira RosaMoreira@fam.ulusiada.pt)

NHIBE Conference: "New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education"
The 8th International Conference: "New Horizons in Industry, Business and Education" (NHIBE), will be held in Chania, on 30-31 August 2013. Detailed information about the conference topics, the International Programme Committees and the Call for Papers is available on the website: https://nhibe2013.teicrete.gr/
Please, be aware of the following deadlines: Abstracts submission: 01/05/2013; Notification of acceptance of abstract: 02/06/2013; Camera-ready manuscript and early registration deadline: 01/07/2013. You may submit your abstract presentation through the "Abstract submission form" at: https://nhibe2013.teicrete.gr/index.php?page=registration&sub=regpay
Topics of interest: Education Strategies, Career Counseling, New Educational Methods, Industry and Education, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance and Governance, Business Strategies. The International journal "Industry and Higher Education"(http://www.ippublishing.com/ihe.htm) will dedicate a special issue to the Conference from selected papers as in the previous venues. Furthermore, the "International Journal of Economic Sciences and Applied Research" (http://www.ijesar.org/) will publish selected papers too.
Conference Chair: Giorgos Papadourakis (papadour@cs.teicrete.gr), Scientific Secretary: Ms Rougala Venetia (nhibe2013@teicrete.gr), Tel: +30 2810.379221
(Info received from Giorgos Papadourakis via mailing list)

NOTE: Forthcoming and recent events related to European research in work and learning are listed on the WIFO Conference page [www.conferences.wifo-gate.org].
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Myths and Brands in Vocational Education - final conference announcement

The 20th Anniversary Conference of the Vocational Education and Culture research network and the 2nd Conference for the History of Vocational Education in Europe, 14th-18th June, 2013 in Tampere
The registration for the conference is open until 30.4.2013. You can find the draft programme and further details on the conference page at: http://www.peda.net/veraja/uta/vetculture/conferencesandevents/networkconferences/tampere  You can register yourself at: http://www.peda.net/veraja/uta/vetculture/conferencesandevents/networkconferences/tampere?m=admin This is important for practical arrangements, especially in view of the holiday-time starting in Finland. You are welcome also without any contribution, but for covering the costs we need to charge a small fee of 50 euros. The invoice will be sent after registration. Inquiries and suggestions concerning the conference are welcome to Anja Heikkinen (Anja.Heikkinen@uta.fi) and Anni-Riikka (anni-riikka.kolehmainen@uta.fi).
(Info received from Anja Heikkinen via the Newsletter of the VET and Culture network)

ReNAdET conference on Professionalisation of Adult Educators
A conference on "Professionalisation of Adult Educators. International and Comparative Perspectives" will be organised on 1-3 November 2013 in Bonn by by the German Institute for Adult Education (DIE) and Bielefeld University within the ESREA research network "Adult Educators, Trainers and their Professional Development" (ReNAdET) in cooperation with the ASEM LLL Research network "Professionalisation of Adult Teachers and Educators in ASEM countries" and with Universitätsclub Bonn e.V.
In many regions, professionalisation in adult education has been brought into the focus of educational policy. Approaches and strategies vary considerably due to key actors, national cultures and historical particularities, and there are many controversial elements in the approaches. The conference focuses on historical developments and current trends in various regions from an international (and comparative) perspective, thus revealing both common factors and differences, including the growing concerns around the external control of culturally specific systems. Papers are invited which address in particular the following areas: 1) Actors, stakeholders and their cooperation culture & their impact on professionalisation; 2) Pegagogic approaches and curricula, & their contribution to professionalisation; 3) Globalisation processes, strategies of internationalisation and transnationalisation & new tasks and fields of activity. Further information is available at http://www.esrea-renadet.net/3rd-meeting-bonn For questions please contact Susanne Lattke (lattke@die-bonn.de) or Wolfgang Jütte (wolfgang.juette@uni-bielefeld.de).
(Posted by: Susanne Lattke )

University Forum for HRD: Newsletter and Discussion Forum
The latest newsletter from the University Forum for HRD is available at http://www.ufhrd.co.uk/wordpress/march-news-3/.  Forum news includes an update on preparation for the annual conference (Brighton, 5-7 June) and the outcomes of the recent bidding process for one of the Forum's Research Honoraria.  Prior to the annual conference in June the Forum are co-sponsoring a one day conference "Sustainability, Ethics and Social Responsibility" on 30 May at the University of Southampton.  This one day conference brings together academics, managers, business practitioners and consultants to hear about and discuss how we get responsible leadership in the decade of austerity. It includes an impressive line up of guest speakers. More details at http://www.ufhrd.co.uk/wordpress/responsible-leadership-one-day-conference/.
Of note also is the launch by the UFHRD of a Discussion Forum. This is not restricted to Forum members and anyone with an interest in HRD is encouraged to get involved (although there is a requirement to register and obtain a password).  To launch the Discussion Forum Jim Stewart, Chair of the UFHRD, has written a short viewpoint 'A Starter For Ten'.  In this he argues that, throughout the Forum's history, "we have been singularly unsuccessful in connecting with and showing relevance to practice". (http://www.ufhrd.co.uk/wordpress/forums/topic/jims-viewpoint-a-starter-for-ten/)
(Posted by: Rick Holden R.J.Holden@ljmu.ac.uk)

NOTE: References to research networks in the field of European work and learning are available on the WIFO page Networks at a glance [www.networks.wifo-gate.org]. Major online resources related to European research networks include the ECER VETNET Proceedings (www.ecer-vetnet.wifo-gate.org) offering a complete and up-to-date collection of conference papers submitted since 1998, and the Overview of selected HRD conference papers (www.ehrd-papers.wifo-gate.org).
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User consultation on PLOTEUS and EQF Portal

The European Commission's Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC) would like to draw your attention to two user surveys - on the PLOTEUS and the EQF Portal - that have been launched recently, and that we kindly invite you to participate in. DG EAC wants to improve and further develop PLOTEUS and the EQF Portal. For this purpose, two user surveys have been launched in six languages; English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The surveys are based on multiple-choice questions, and completing the surveys should not take more than 10 minutes; all responses will remain strictly confidential.
The survey on PLOTEUS can be found here: Survey on PLOTEUS (or: http://tinyurl.com/bul92dh). The survey on the EQF Portal can be found here: Survey on the EQF Portal (or: http://tinyurl.com/bv75ovq). We would very much appreciate if you could participate in the surveys and forward this information to your relevant networks and contacts. The surveys are online between 20 March and 30 April 2013. 3s Unternehmensberatung is conducting the survey together with ICF GHK. If you have any questions with regard to the surveys, please do not hesitate to contact Ms Petra Ziegler, project manager (ziegler@3s.co.at).
(Posted by: Petra Ziegler)

NOTE: Contributions are welcome for the next edition of the Directory of Doctoral Dissertations (www.ddd.wifo-gate.org), provided as part of the WIFO Gateway, which focuses on European research in the field of vocational education (VET) and human resource development (HRD). Please provide information on expected or newly completed doctoral dissertations investigating issues of HRD, VET or work-related adult education, according to the following pattern: 1*Theme of dissertation (original language AND English); 2*Year of (expected) completion or publication; 3*Author (name and email address); 4*Tutor (name and email address); 5*Institution of tutor (name and home page). Contributions should be posted by email to the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org).
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NoBoMa Competence Matrix

"No Borders Manual in elderly care to promote mobility, international lifelong learning and the transfer of competences in Eastern, Central and Southeastern Europe"
The NoBoMa project has developed a Competence Matrix displaying work related competences of "Elderly Caregivers" from Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia. The matrix aims to enhance transparency and recognition of skills and qualifications in the field of "Elderly Care". The first drafts of the NoBoMa matrix were developed by the project partners following the VQTS-Model (www.vocationalqualification.net). The development process of the competence matrix "Elderly Care" included several steps: 3s research laboratory started the process by conducting an extensive desk research. The sources identified included relevant publications; reports of projects dealing with competence requirements in elderly care; job descriptions to be found for example in national legal frameworks and gathered in the NoBoMa project for the partner countries as well as interviews conducted with learners, professionals and experts/employers in "Elderly Care" from the partner countries. On the basis of an analysis of these sources, a first outline of the NoBoMa Competence Matrix was developed, which was enriched by those project partners with a subject-specific professional background. The first drafts of the matrix are available on the project website (www.noboma.at). The final version of the NoBoMa Competence Matrix will be available on the project website by mid-April 2013.
(Posted by: Tanja Bacher tanja.bacher@3s.co.at)

reAct: Re-activating teachers and learners
The reAct objective was to reawaken in students the motivation for learning that they have lost during their years of schooling. This involves promoting a change in attitudes to learning among the learners and helping teachers to learn how to foster this motivation in their pupils. The approach used in the project was based on the potential offered by the use of new technologies. A new methodological approach to learning focused on collaboration, creativity and learner autonomy was developed. This was based on a prior analysis of stakeholders' needs. In addition to this, a collection of ICT tools for use with the methodological approach was created. The most important phase of the project was to explore the reAct model in real situations. The findings have been remarkable, not only referring to learning motivation but also in developing transferable skills such as initiative development, problem solving, skills for teamwork, self-confidence to face challenges, so that they become more autonomous in their learning and better able to adapt to the requirements of an ever-changing society and labor market. Details relating to the project can be found at the reAct website: www.reactproject.eu
(Posted by: Elmo De Angelis training2000@training2000.it)

NOTE: Contributions are invited to update the Overview of European research projects [www.projects.wifo-gate.org], provided as part of the WIFO Gateway. The overview focuses on transnational research projects, mainly supported by EU programmes, in the areas of human resource development, vocational education, work and learning. Please send the following information to the editor (sm@wifo-gate.org):  (A) exact title and acronym (short name) of the project; (B) name and email address of the coordinator or main contact; (C) address of the website (or info page/ flyer) of the project.
(Contact and editor: Sabine Manning)

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Call for papers: Special issue on gender and vet

The Journal of Vocational Education and Training is planning a special issue on gender and vet. Please find the call for papers at http://www.tandf.co.uk/journals/cfp/rjvecfp.pdf  The editoring team, Helen Colley (h.colley@hud.ac.uk), Huddersfield University UK, and Beatrix Niemeyer (niemeyer@biat.uni-flensburg.de), Flensburg University, Germany, are happy to recieive your abstract before May 4th 2013.
The Journal of Vocational Education and Training is a peer-reviewed international journal which embraces the broad range of settings and ways in which vocational and professional learning takes place and, hence, is not restricted by institutional boundaries or structures in relation to national systems of education and training. It is interested in the study of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment, as well as economic, cultural and political aspects related to the role of vocational and professional education and training in society. The journal hosts a biennial international conference to provide a forum for researchers to debate and gain feedback on their work, and to encourage comparative analysis and international collaboration. More information can be obtained at http://www.tandfonline.com/action/aboutThisJournal?journalCode=rjve20
(Posted by Beatrix Niemeyer)

Call for papers for Special Issue of the European Educational Research Journal
THE GOVERNING OF EDUCATION IN EUROPE: commercial actors, partnerships and strategies - Guest Editors: Maarten Simons, Lisbeth Lundahl & Roberto Serpieri
The focus of this Call for Papers is on the understanding of developments within the European space of education from the viewpoint of the role of commercial actors in the governing of education. The Call includes contributions on the heterogeneous new forms of the commercial and the financial, and with a focus on for instance: The construction of practices and interactions; The staging of new actors and roles; The varied national and  local responses; The transnational, European developments; The different sectors of education; The emerging policy patterns and spaces, governing strategies and consequences. Submission: There is no limit on manuscript length but they will normally be 6-7000 words. The deadline for submission is May 31, 2013. Please make sure your submission refers to the Call in its email heading. Send all submissions to Martin Lawn: m.lawn@btinternet.com (EERJ Website: http://www.wwwords.eu/EERJ/)
(Summary of information received from Martin Lawn via the EERJ Newsletter of 7.3.2013)

Article on Intercultural Competence
"The Development of Teachers' Intercultural Competence Using a Change Laboratory Method" by Marianne Teräsand Johanna Lasonen - In "Vocations and Learning" April 2013, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp 107-134 (http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s12186-012-9087-8)
Immigration is an integral phenomenon of our globalizing world. The increasing flow of people creates new challenges for educational institutions and workplaces. The purpose of this article was to address challenges that vocational teachers face with diversity at colleges and workplaces. Two research questions were addressed: How do teachers prepare immigrant students for working life? What challenges related to intercultural competence do teachers preparing immigrant students for working life face? The theoretical background was based on cultural-historical activity theory, developmental work research and on the concept of intercultural competence. The change laboratory method used in the study is a formative intervention method evolved within developmental work research. The data comprised two change laboratories organized at the same vocational college in 2001 and 2011. The results showed that teachers' work with multicultural students and groups can be developed by following five perspectives: preparation, reflection, contribution, guidance and responding. Intercultural competence was constructed contextually and was intertwined with activities such as teaching, facilitating students' learning and cooperating with workplaces.
(Received from: Marianne Teräs marianne.teras@helsinki.fi)

CIEO Discussion Papers
The Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics - discussion papers -  is a scientific journal of the Research Centre for Spatial and Organizational Dynamics (CIEO). The publication is open to the scientific community and periodically emphasizes different subjects. Mostly, they are related to sociological or environmental issues. They are freely available at RePEc (Research Papers in Economics) at http://ideas.repec.org/s/ris/cieodp.html or through the CIEO website at: http://www.cieo.pt/discussionpapers/discussionpapers12.pdf  In particular, our Edition No 12 - CITs in the Organizations - tackles questions related to education, human resource development as well as the relation between work and learning.
(Received from: Julieta Rosajarosa@ualg.pton behalf of Teresa de Noronha)

Free access to Human Resources research
Enjoy FREE ACCESS to all recent content published in the Human Resources journals of Routledge Taylor & Francis Group. For any 14-day period in 2013 you can access articles recently published from the Human Resources portfolio, including "Action Learning: Research and Practice", "Human Resource Development International", "International Journal of Human Resource Management", and "Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism". Register for free, or if you already have an account, sign in to access free content at: http://tandf.msgfocus.com/c/11jPiBXzpjJSxLzF7bnJCGzg3 - Full details see: http://tandf.msgfocus.com/q/18CG16oh4VJ7r5v/wv
(Info received from: Monica Lee m.lee@LANCASTER.AC.UK via the Forum for HRD mailing list)

NOTE:  Updates on publications provided by the WIFO Gateway include the WIFO Bookshelf [www.books.wifo-gate.org], a collection of references to publications focusing on cross-European issues of work and learning, and "From the Journals" - Overview of articles on cross-European issues in VET and HRD research [www.articles.wifo-gate.org], selected from European and international Journals related to education research [www.journals.wifo-gate.org].
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