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Newsletter issues 2006 to 2010

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Special issue
  Call for contribution to virtual publication on evidence-based research on the Recognition of Prior Learning (26.07.10)
Special issue
  The Network of Trainers Conference: Call for Papers (12.05.10)
  Request for data on transnational research projects in HRD and VET (9.04.10)
Special issue
  EARLI SIG14 Learning and Professional Development Conference - Munich 25-27 August 2010 (4.02.10)
  What's new in research: ECER VETNET Proceedings 2009 (18.12.09)
  For your diary: European research conferences in 2010 (28.11.09)
  Profile of national VET and HRD research in Europe: Latest analysis (27.10.09)
  New Directory of Professional Contacts in European VET and HRD research (24.07.09)
  Online platforms for knowledge sharing in VET and HRD (3.04.09)
Special issue
  Call for papers: Conference on Educating the Adult Educator - Thessaloniki 6-8 Nov. 2009 (10.02.09) 
Special issue
  Intern. Conf. on Apprenticeship and School-to-Work Transition: Turin 17-18 Sept 09 (16.01.09)
  Conference highlights in 2009 (2.12.08)
  Thematic trends of European VET research - ECER VETNET Proceedings 2008 (14.10.08) 
Special issue
  Call for tender (Cedefop): Economic and social benefits of VET (23.07.08) 
Special issue
  New thematic network for the adult educator and trainer in Europe (18.07.08)
  Mapping themes of Masters programmes in Europe (3.07.08) 
 Special issue
  Call for Papers: Working at old age - Emerging theories and empirical perspectives on ageing and work (2.05.08)
Special issue
  TOP+ Leonardo project on continuing training for older persons: An Extended Survey (23.04.08)
  Profile of national VET and HRD research in Europe (18.04.08)
  Projects exploring a European Credit system for VET (9.01.08) 
Special issue
  New journal: Vocations and Learning (18.12.07)
  Request for information on European research activities (12.12.07)
  Preview of European conferences in 2008 (8.11.07)
Special issue
  EU online consultation on multilingualism (27.09.07)
  ECER VETNET Proceedings - a new research resource (11.9.07)
  Just published: The directory of doctoral dissertations (12.7.07)
  Tracing issues of HRD in R&D projects across Europe (22.6.07)
Special issue
  International conference on Europe's cultures of workplace learning (7.06.07)
  Thematic patterns of HRD and VET research in EU countries (17.4.07)
  New directory of Masters programmes in Europe (25.1.07)
  European research conferences in 2007 (4.12.06)
  Synopsis of national research in VET and HRD (17.11.06)
  European Masters programmes and Doctoral dissertations (8.9.06)
  Update on European research projects (7.8.06)
  Mapping HRD and VET research across Europe  (30.6.06)
  New books on European research in learning and work (29.4.06)
  New series of online publications on VET and HRD (6.2.06)
  ECER 2006: Call and related resources (10.1.06)
  Issues of HRD and VET - proceedings and analysis (6.1.06)
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