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The add-on list below collects projects related to HRD in Europe which are not included in the selection of major projects
Contact persons can be looked up in the Who's who.
Acronym Project details
ASSIPA Assessing Learning by Participatory Evaluation. 2004- 2006. GRUNTVIG. Coordinator: Deitmer, Ludger
BENE Business Education Network of Europe. 1997 to 1999 LEONARDO. Contact: McGuire, David
[Building...] Building materials and approach for coaching in J&J Europe. Janssen Pharmacia. Contact: Megginson, David
CGEP Corporate governance, innovation, and economic performance in the EU. Contact: Jürgens, Ulrich
CITIES Creating Information and language Tools to Improve Enterprises’ Safety Awareness. 2004- 2006. LEONARDO. Coordinator: Deitmer, Ludger
CUCOL Competitiveness using competencies and organisational learning ADAPT. Contact: Sadler-Smith, Eugene
CVTS Continuing Vocational Training Survey: Management training and development in Europe. 2001 to 2003. LEONARDO (RF- 82901). Coordinator: Mabey, Chris
[Design...] Design team for Global Mentoring Programme. efmd. Contact: Megginson, David
ECUANET The European Corporate Universities and Academies Network, a project to conduct action research in strategic corporate learning LEONARDO (2005-2007). Contact: Dealtry, Richard
EDEX Educational expansion and the labour market. 1998 to 2001 TSER. Contact: Steedman, Hilary
EDLESI Equality and diversity in EU steel industry. Leonardo project led by Cardiff University School of Social Sciences. Start: January 2005. Contact: Winterton, Jonathan
FASNET Learning Network for Small Businesses.1997. LEONARDO. Coordinator: FAS - Training and Employment Authority (Ireland); Fox, Roger
Hi-Res HIGH ROAD TO WORK ORGANISATION: Danish case study on Scan-Globe A/S (part of project > INNOFLEX); report 2001. Contact: Banke, Palle 
[Industrial...] Industrial Districts in West and East Europe. FP5. Contact: Tomassini, Massimo
[Inquiry...] [Inquiry on HRD in industrial and service companies in Italy]. European Social Fund. Coordinator: ISFOL; Contact: Tomassini, Massimo
KMPlus SME Knowledge Exploitation and Learning through Knowledge Management. 2004- 2006. LEONARDO. Coordinator: Deitmer, Ludger
[Management...]  Determinants and impact of management development practices in small and large firms in Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Spain and Romania. LEONARDO. Completion 2004. Contact: Gray, Colin
NEWTIME  New working techniques in micro enterprises – impact of broadband on microfirm networks in Britain, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. EU IST FP5. Completion 2003. Leader: Gray, Colin
RMEM Réseau Méditérranéen des écoles de management. Coordinator: Weir, David (CERAM, France)
[SME] SME learning networks. 1997 to 1998. LEONARDO. Coordinator: Fox, Roger
STREAM Strategic Training for Recruitment and Retention of Employee and Managers. European 
Commission Project based on hospitality industry. Contact: McGuire, David
[Typology...] CEDEFOP led project to develop a typology of knowledge, skills and competence for the ECVET credit transfer system. Start 2004. Contact: Winterton, Jonathan
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