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The major projects of the EHRD Base are presented in the overview below. The acronyms are linked to project information in the ERO Base of the European Training Village (before clicking an acronym please make sure you are registered at the European Training Village!).
An additional review of several projects is provided within the EHRD Base, including outlines in the newsletter, summaries in the survey of project results and sections in the review of debate
Acronym Title Period Review
CALL New career paths and lifelong learning 1997 to 1999  
CoCKEAS Co-ordinating competencies and knowledge in the European automobile industry 2000 to 2002  
COMPETE Competence evaluation and training for Europe 1998 to 2000 Survey
CONTROLLING Controlling in continuing training at enterprises in European comparison 1998 to 2000 Survey
COVOSECO  From co-operation between to co-evolution of science and economy 2001 to 2003  
DELOS Developing learning organisation models in SME clusters 1996 to 1997 Survey
DEVELOP Development, enskilling, learning organisation package 1997 to 2000  
E&T Cluster Towards the learning economy: Conclusions from FP4 and FP5 projects to shape European policies in education and training (Accompanying Measure) 2001 to 2003  
EHRD Base Resource base of a research project cluster related to human resource development in Europe (Accompanying Measure) 2001 to 2002 Portal
ELAN2 European Learning Automobile Network 2001 to 2004  
ENTRANCE Enterprise and its transfer to combat social exclusion 1998 to 2001  
ETGACE Education and training for governance and active citizenship in Europe: designing formal, non-formal and informal lifelong learning education intervention strategies 2000 to 2002  
FAME Occupational identity, flexibility and mobility in the European labour market 2000 to 2003 Debate
FLEX-VET Educating a flexible workforce for Europe: Consequences for designing responsive vocational education and training. 1998 to 2000  
FORUM: WP LO Forum of European research in vocational education and training (Thematic Network): Work package: Learning in learning organisations 1998 to 2001  
GENDERQUAL Gender and qualification: Transcending gendered features of key qualifications for improving options for career choice and enhancing human resource potential 2000 to 2002 Debate
HRD & LLL The role of HRD within organisations in creating opportunities for life-long learning: Concepts and practices in seven European countries 1997 to 1999 Survey
IFC Further training funds as an impulse for new models of lifelong learning: integrated funding concepts 1999 to 2000 Survey
INNOFLEX Innovative firms' performance, internal/ external workforce flexibility and personal/ social consequences 2000 to 2003  
INNOVALOC Innovation in small and very small enterprises and dynamics of local development 2000 to 2003 Outline
KALEIDOSCOPE Concepts and methods for exploring the future of learning with digital technologies (Network of Excellence)  2003 to 2007  
KALIF Knowledge and learning infrastructure 1998 to 2000 Survey
KITS Business gaming methods for developing competence in knowledge management 2000 to 2003  
LATIO In-company training and learning organizations 1997 to 2000  
LEARNPARTNER Learning in partnership: responding to the restructuring of the European steel and metal industry 2001 to 2004  
NEWSKILLS Education and training, new job skill needs and the low-skilled 1996 to 1999 Survey
ORGLEARN Ways of organisational learning in the chemical industry and their impact on vocational education and training 2000 to 2003 Outline
PARTICIPA Participation in continuing vocational education and training (VET): A need for a sustainable employability 2001 to 2004 Outline
PIE Partnership and investment in HRD in Europe 1997 to 1998  
PROLEARN Professional learning (Network of Excellence) 2003 to 2007  
PUBLIN Innovation in the public sector 2003 to 2005  
Transnational methods and models for self-evaluation of non-formal personal competencies 2001 to 2004 Outline
SERVEMPLOI Innovations in information society sectors: Implications for women's work, expertise and opportunities in European workplaces 1999 to 2002 Outline
Small business training and competitiveness: Building case studies in different European cultural contexts 1998 to 2000 Survey
SUSTAIN Establishing building management services in the supply sector by qualification and demonstration 1999 to 2001  
TACITKEY Tacit forms of key competences for changing employment 1998 to 2000 Survey
TELL Technological knowledge and localised learning: What perspectives for a European policy? 2001 to 2003  
TQC2000 Toolkit Quality Craftmanship 2000 1997 to 1999  
UNEMPLOYED The effectiveness of labour market oriented training for the long-term unemployed 1996 to 1998 Survey
WEX21C Work experience as an education and training strategy: New approaches for the 21st century 1998 to 2000 Survey
WHOLE Work process knowledge in technological and organisational development (Thematic Network) 1998 to 1999 Survey
WORKTOW Changing working life and training of older workers  1997 to 2000 Survey

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