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Conference Fifth conference on human resource development research and practice across Europe: 
International, comparative and cross-cultural dimensions of HRD - Limerick 2004

Sponsored by the University Forum for HRD, EURESFORM and the Academy of HRD; Hosted by the Department of Personnel and Employment Relations, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick; 27-28 May 2004.
Conference chair: Thomas N. Garavan

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Round table International comparative analysis of HRD Masters programmes -
A round-table meeting on quality improvement
[Abstract of proposal]

Panel: Joseph Kessels (chair), Sabine Manning, Monica Lee
Rapporteur: Sabine Manning

Aims of this meeting (Joseph Kessels)
HRD related Masters programmes in Europe (Sabine Manning)

Issues of discussion
HRD Masters programmes in Europe (Pia Bramming, Joseph Kessels, Monica Lee, Kathy Monks, John Walton, John Wilson)
Accreditation, assessment and quality systems (Pia Bramming, Nick Clarke, Joseph Kessels, Monica Lee, Gary McLean, Paul Smith, John Walton)
Frameworks of cooperation in a European context (Joseph Kessels, Barry Nyhan, Kiran Trehan)

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