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Symposium The European perspective of HRD 
A debate on selected issues put forward by the EHRD Network 

Symposium at ECER 2002, Lisbon 13 September 2002 (see programme)
Chairs: Michael Kelleher, Sabine Manning & Martin Mulder
Editor of proceedings: Sabine Manning

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Proceedings Introduction to the symposium (Sabine Manning)

Block 1:  Notion of 'flexible worker' challenging 'professional identity'
- Developing flexibility in pursuit of competitiveness (Nick Boreham) 
- Competence and learning in late career (Leif Lahn) 
- Professionals as flexible workers or portfolio people (Graham Guest) 
- Discussion (Nick Boreham, Martin Fischer, Graham Guest, Gerald Heidegger, Mike Kelleher, Jim Stewart)

Block 2:  Integrating work and learning in organisations 
- Organisational innovation and learning: Developmental work tasks (Barry Nyhan) 
- A package for integrated learning and development (Jonathan Winterton) 
- Working and learning practices in an oil refinery (Nick Boreham) 
- Gender specific key qualifications for working life (Gerald Heidegger) 
- Discussion (Nick Boreham, Alan Brown, Leif Lahn, Martin Mulder, Barry Nyhan, Jim Stewart, Jonathan Winterton)

Block 3: Knowledge sharing as both managerial and participatory approach 
- Organisational learning and knowledge sharing in the chemical industry (Martin Fischer)
- Organisational innovation and learning: Challenges for the actors (Barry Nyhan)
- Discussion (Gerald Heidegger)

Final note on the debate across issues (Jim Stewart)

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