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Download proceedings of closing session in PDF

Conference Sixth international conference on HRD research and practice across Europe:
"Human Resource Development: Promoting Learning, Performance, and Integrity"
Tilburg 22-24 May 2006

Supported by the University Forum for HRD (UFHRD), the Academy of HRD (AHRD) and Euresform; hosted by the Department of HR Studies, Tilburg University, Netherlands.

Conference chair: Rob Poell

Conference home page

Closing session Panel discussion
The future of HRD research - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and actions

Overview of major issues addressed by the participants - 
based on the PPT presentations of the panel group and the recorded discussion

Rapporteur: Sabine Manning

Statements by the panel group*)
Jamie Callahan, Joseph Kessels, Victoria Marsick, Lidewey van der Sluis, Jim Stewart

Proceedings of discussion
Peter Kuchinke, Barry Nyhan, Toshio Ohsako, Rob Poell, Neelu Rohmetra, Lidewey van der Sluis, Jim Stewart

*) The text of the slides is available on the conference home page (pdf download).

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