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Conference Fourth conference on human resource development research and practice across Europe: 
Lifelong learning for a knowledge based society - Toulouse 2003

Sponsored by the University Forum for HRD (incorporating EURESFORM), the Academy of HRD and the Andorra Group. Hosted by the Centre de Recherche Européenne sur L'Emploi et les Ressources Humaines, Toulouse Business School (Groupe ESC Toulouse), Toulouse, France. Toulouse, 23-24 May 2003.
Conference chairs: Jonathan Winterton & Jean Woodall

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Final session Plenary round table: Theory, policy and practice in lifelong learning

Session chair: Jean Woodall
Rapporteur: Sabine Manning 

Panel statements
Jim McGoldrick: Discourses on HRD and lifelong learning
Winfried Heidemann: Interface between policy and practice of lifelong learning
Ian Bennet: Potentials of ICT for learning

Introductory note (Jean Woodall)
Motivation to engage in lifelong learning (Ian Bennett, Winfried Heidemann, Monica Lee, Jim McGoldrick, Denise Thursfield, Jim Stewart)
Relation between lifelong learning and HRD (Bob Hamlin, Winfried Heidemann, Peter Kuchinke, Jim McGoldrick, Darlene Russ-Eft, Jim Stewart, William Venables, Jean Woodall)
The challenge of the knowledge based society (Ian Bennett, Monica Lee, Jim McGoldrick, Claire Valentin, Anders Vind)
Concluding note (Gene Roth)

Related contributions How does HRD connect with lifelong learning? (Rosemary Harrison & Joseph Kessels)
How can organisations foster lifelong learning? (Barry Nyhan et al.)
Linkage and tension between lifelong learning and HRD (Sabine Manning)

Initiatives to promote lifelong learning:

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