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Various issues of the European perspective of HRD have been addressed in the literature, particularly in comparison with the USA. The list below provides an initial selection of issues, each of which is briefly presented in an outline. This refers to various resources: studies directly concerned with the European perspective, projects contained in the EHRD Base and the review of debate in the EHRD Base.

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Outline Issue
European perspective of HRD (overall features)
National employment and training patterns shaping HRD
Tackling the problem of skill shortage in the work force
Specific HRD strategies in medium/ small organisations
Adjusting continuing training to organisational flexibility
Notion of 'flexible worker' challenging 'professional identity'
Changing role of HRD professionals (from trainer to consultant)
Sharing responsibility for HRD between professionals, managers and employees
Shift from skill building to performance improvement and competence development
Integrating work and learning in organisations
Knowledge sharing as both managerial and participatory approach

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