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The records of the European perspective of HRD which have been assembled from various studies can be accessed by the map below. This includes the subject headings which are grouped according to the following levels:
(1) Framework of HRD (societal and corporate values, cultural traditions etc);
(2) HRD functions (in particular roles of professionals);
(3) Processes within HRD (continuing training, learning arrangements etc.).
Framework of HRD Company priorities in Europe
Comparing national systems of HRD
Defining HRD in an international context
HRD in Europe at the crossroads
HRD in Europe, Japan and the USA
HRM features in European context
HRM within Europe
'Humanistic' HRM in Europe
Perspectives of HRD in Europe
Resourcing models in Europe
HRD functions Historical role of HR professionals in Europe
HRD agenda in Europe
HRD practitioner's role in Europe
Processes within HRD European cultural differences in mentoring
Knowledge management and learning in Europe
Learning strategies in European companies
Mentoring in European companies
Training developments in the NL and USA
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