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Subject Resourcing models in Europe
Context Cluster analysis based on data of the Price Waterhouse Cranfield Project
Summary There are four resourcing models in Europe:
  • Germany: apprenticeship; subsequent low training and reskilling;
  • Scandinavia: advanced labour market planning, low skill shortage; high line manager involvement;
  • Central Europe (FR, IRL, NL, UK): professionalised personnel function, supported by line managers; low levels of apprenticeship;
  • Southern Europe (ES, PT, TR): technical skills via external labour market; flexible work methods to attract scarce labour.
Key terms Points of national differentiation: 
> apprenticeship; 
> line manager involvement; 
> high/ low skill shortage;
> external/ (internal) labour market
Source Brewster et al. 1994
Descriptors D-HRD EP01 EP02        R07
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