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Subject HRD education in Hungary
Maria Cseh, The George Washington University, USA
Béla Krisztián & Zsolt Nemeskéri; University of Pécs, Hungary
> Discussion of presentation
Outline This paper presents a succinct history of the development of human resources in Hungary, the emergence of human resource management and development as an area of study in higher education institutions, the institutions offering programs in this area and their curriculum. The paper is based on a literature review and information gathered from the websites of the two colleges and four universities that are offering these programs and illustrates the first part of a larger empirical study. The emerging nature of the human resource development (HRD) as an area of academic study in Hungary is evidenced by the presence of its courses in different schools, departments and programs each of which add their disciplinary flavor to their curriculum. Understanding how HRD practitioners and scholars are prepared in higher education institutions for their professionals roles in Hungary is significant both for practitioners (e.g., local and multinational companies hiring HRD professionals) and scholars (e.g., on a quest to empirically define what HRD is or has the potential to become in Hungary and other countries; interested in joining the conversation proposed by Kuchinke (2004) addressing the roles of scholarship and practice in the field). Recommendations for future research and implications for the teaching and practice of human resource development are discussed. 
Source Paper presented at the 6th international conference on HRD research and practice across Europe: Human resource development - addressing the value. Leeds 25-27 May 2005. (Abstract; full paper incl. in CD-ROM).
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