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Subject Making progress with HRD in an academic environment
Context The discussion summarised below is related to the presentation made by Joseph Kessels on perspectives of HRD in Europe.
Discussion Participants: Joseph Kessels (JK) and Gene Roth (GR)

[GR:] Joseph, you are working in this nebulous area of HRD at your own institution. What are the frameworks you are trying to set when you try to make your claims for space and elbow your way in the institution?
[JK:] I think the only way to make progress is to find out what you really would like to do, what you do find interesting, because it is the only way to be excellent; and then find out who are  your companions with whom you share common ideas; because you need a number of colleagues who really enjoy working together. Then new things can happen, especially in an academic environment. A similar model you see emerge  in knowledge intensive work: 'we are not any more bound by the strategy of the company; we will say you have a great idea, we enjoy doing it, and maybe you can earn  money with it, because it is new, it is diverse, it is not focusing on standardisation, on rules and procedures, but it is focusing on how we can be different. What is my special sound: can I be recognised?'. These will be some of the features of this information society or knowledge economy, realising how different we are and how our values fit under the same umbrella.  When we  talk in this conference about communities, the attractiveness of working together, emotions and involvement are important: what makes you motivated, what leads to self-fulfilment. This does not only apply to our objects of research, but also applies to ourselves, specifically in the knowledge oriented  environment of the university.

Source Recording of the discussion which took place at the session 'HRD Practice: A comparison of European and US models' held at the HRD conference in Edinburgh, January 2002 (see proceedings).
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