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Subject International HRD alliances: facilitating change through ‘high variety’ knowledge migration in Bulgaria
Paul Iles, University of Teesside, United Kingdom
Maurice Yolles, John Moores University Liverpool, United Kingdom
Doug Haynes, John Moores University Liverpool, United Kingdom
Outline Organisational learning is essential to effective change situations. When it occurs as an international joint alliance, such as an HRD alliance, facilitators with the target organisation must enable a cross-cultural migration process to occur to enable new knowledge acquisition. These approaches adopted both traditional methodologies and a new high variety team syntegrity framework.
    The paper will focus here on international HRD alliances (IHRDAs) in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CCEE) and develop a general framework for understanding and analysing such alliances. Of particular interest are issues of knowledge flows and organisational learning, and the paper seeks to develop a model based on viable systems theory that analyses such processes in terms of knowledge migration in IHRDAs. 
    The paper reviews theoretical and empirical studies of HRD alliances in the CCCE in order to develop an analytical framework, and uses this analytical framework to identify a number of factors impacting on alliance performance, focussing in particular on the role of knowledge migration in alliance learning. It analyses the processes of knowledge migration and development within an action research framework and applies this framework and theory to a specific case study of an alliance between a UK University Business School and the University of Sofia Bulgaria involving action research to facilitate change in BNR in order to explore the usefulness of the framework and theory, and to identify principles to guide further research in this area.
Source Paper presented at the 6th international conference on HRD research and practice across Europe: Human resource development - addressing the value. Leeds 25-27 May 2005. (Abstract; full paper incl. in CD-ROM).
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