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Subject Aims of this meeting (Joseph Kessels)
Outline This session is on discussing some of the implications of the Bologna agreement that our ministers signed a couple of years ago. This will have a major impact on the restructuring of the system of higher education in the European Union. It will also have a direct influence on the HRD programmes in the European universities. That is one of the reasons why we took the initiative to find out whether we could be helpful for each other in building a quality assurance system - whatever that may be - for our higher education programmes in the domain of human resources (HRD, HRM). 
    One of the objectives of this meeting is to find out whether interested partners, parties or colleagues would like to contribute to our approaches of thinking on a European system for quality improvement that comes to higher education in our domain. We would like to propose a simple format enabling as much interaction with our colleagues as possible. So we don't have fixed paper presentations and almost no minutes for discussion. 
    First I would like to invite Sabine Manning to inform us about the research she did in the last couple of months on what is happening in Europe in the domain of higher education on HRD. Then I would like to ask Monica Lee to inform us about the initiatives that emerged in the University Forum in this domain. Then I would like to invite especially those colleagues of us here in the hall who actively participate in or are responsible for HRD programmes in Europe to give some of their opinions. In the end we would like to take home some suggestions for the University Forum, which we could take up in the meeting tomorrow.
Source Recording of the presentation made in the round-table meeting at the HRD conference in Limerick, May 2004 (see proceedings).
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