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Subject Competence development in late career: a European perspective
Leif C Lahn, University of Education, Oslo, Norway
Outline There is a gap between the political and public interest in issues of late career and the contributions from HRD-research. In this article a review is made of the literature on cognitive ageing and learning abilities in an occupational context. Multidimensional and non-linear perspectives are increasingly replacing models of late career as a period of declining expertise. Data from a EU research project “Working life changes and the training of older workers” (WORKTOW) supports such a redefinition.  It also challenges some of  the optimistic scenarios for late career that are held out by the literature on “boundaryless careers”. A socio-cultural framework that is more sensitive to the institutional and cultural diversity of  a European age-aware HRD is asked for.
Source Paper presented at the 4th conference on human resource development research and practice across Europe: Lifelong learning for a knowledge based society. Toulouse 23-24 May 2003. (Abstract; full paper incl. in CD-ROM).
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