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Subject Introduction (Sabine Manning)
Outline Welcome all to our symposium on HRD in Europe. This is the highlight (I hope!) of our one-year accompanying measure supported by the Fifth Framework Programme and carried out in collaboration with a network of more than 200 experts in European HRD, the EHRD Network. Important to note: we agreed on a broad concept of HRD (link to outline), also extending into VET (vocational education and training), and we focused on the European perspective of HRD (link to outline). 

Today we want to discuss a few selected issues of the European perspective. These are the following:

  • The notion of 'flexible worker' challenging 'professional identity';
  • Integrating work and learning in organisations, including the shift from skill building to performance improvement and competence development;
  • Knowledge sharing as both managerial and participatory approach.
As you can see we have got a panel of leading experts for discussing these issues. Would you please introduce yourselves briefly (names below linked to who'who): 

Nick Boreham, Martin Fischer, Graham Guest, Gerald Heidegger, Mike Kelleher, Leif Lahn, Martin Mulder, Barry Nyhan, Jim Stewart, Jonathan Winterton

Mike Kelleher and Martin Mulder will moderate the debate, Jim Stewart will have the final word, and I shall prepare the review of debate the floor is yours!

Reference Discussion paper: Manning 2002
Source Recording of the symposium
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