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Subject Differential effects of supervisor support on transfer of training
Derk-Jan J M Nijman, Wim J Nijhof, Ida Wognum & Bernard P Veldkamp; University of Twente, The Netherlands
> Discussion of presentation
Outline It is assumed that one of the most important conditions for training to be transferred to the job consists of the support that trainees receive from supervisors. Empirical results of research provide no clear confirmation of the relationship between supervisor support and transfer, however, an explanation for which might be that possible interdependence with other transfer-influencing factors has often been overlooked. In the study described here the effects of supervisor support on transfer outcomes were examined from a systemic point of view, taking into account the effects of other relevant work environment, trainee and training characteristics. 
    Results of analyses of questionnaire responses from 179 trainees and 32 supervisors indicate that the effects of supervisor support on transfer of training are positive, but merely slight and indirect. Support from supervisors does lead to perceptions of a more positive transfer climate, which, on its turn, increases transfer outcomes as well as that it enlarges trainees’ motivation to transfer. On the other hand, support from supervisors also has a direct negative effect on trainees’ motivation to transfer. Learning outcomes have the strongest positive effect on transfer outcomes, while trainees’ motivation to transfer and the transfer climate also positively predict transfer outcomes. 
Source Paper presented at the 6th international conference on HRD research and practice across Europe: Human resource development - addressing the value. Leeds 25-27 May 2005. (Abstract; full paper incl. in CD-ROM).
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