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Subject 'Humanistic' HRM in Europe
Context Referring to Northern continental Europe; comparison with the USA
Summary The 'humanistic-developmental' perspective of the Harvard human resources model complements mainstream European industrial and working life traditions.
Related to the 'humanistic' HRM is the concept of 'social shaping of technology and work' arising from German tradition: a high degree of control by the workforce of the work environment ensures productivity and conditions of continuous learning; workers are developing 'work process knowledge'; the workers' role is strengthened by an occupational identity.
European industrial/ working life cultural traditions place much greater emphasis on the role of the skilled workers rather than managers, on the role of social partners in the employment relationship, and envisage an intervening role by government.
Key terms Humanistic HRM; concepts of:
> social shaping of technology and work; 
> work process knowledge; 
> occupational identity
Emphasis on: 
> cultural traditions;
> skilled workers; 
> social partners; 
> government intervention
Source Nyhan 2001, Vol. II, pp. 240-242
Descriptors D-HRD EP00 EP10        R15
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