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Subject Company priorities in Europe
Context Study on 11 large manufacturing and process companies in 7 European countries
Summary Companies emphasised 'high skill-level workers' as the backbone of the enterprise; they also assigned an important role to collective trade union representation and the influence of national government support frameworks.
In terms of competence profiles, the European professional/ occupational identity approach is situated mid-way between the individualistic job orientation of the USA and the corporatist/ company/ job for life perspective of Japan.
Global free market competition is challenging European work-related values; the development of flexible workers is a direct challenge to the notion of 'profession' or 'occupation' (professional/ occupational identity).
Key terms Emphasis on:
> high skill-level workers;
> collective trade union representation;
> government support;
> professional/ occupational identity approach
Source Nyhan 1999, pp. 21f.; based on Docherty et al. 1997
Descriptors D-HRD EP00 EP05        R09
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