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Subject Concluding note (Gene Roth)*
Outline I am the speaker you are all waiting for: the last one! Conferences such as this one allow us to entertain research ideas from scholars who span boundaries with their thinking. A couple of comments resonated with me. The first one is something that Peter (Kuchinke) stated, that HRD is a very complex concept, and its paradoxes within theory and practice seem to increase exponentially as we try to discuss it across cultures. For this reason, I am grateful to Jonathan (Winterton) and others who organised this conference. This event allowed several highly regarded scholars from various  countries to come together to discuss HRD and lifelong learning.
    The second idea that I would like to note was a request made by Kiran (Trehan). She urged us to question the invisible processes within HRD that have become habitual and accepted by both practitioners and theorists. This conference may very well be the launching point for a group of scholars who want to critically look at HRD and question some of its underlying assumptions. 
    This conference has been truly invigorating -- I am looking forward to seeing you all in Ireland in 2004!
Note *President, Academy of Human Resource Development (AHRD), US
Source Recording of the intervention made at the final session (plenary round table) of the HRD conference in Toulouse, May 2003 (see proceedings).
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