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Subject Organisational learning and strategic HRD how are they valuable for small firms?
Essi Saru, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland
Outline In this paper the issues of organizational learning and strategic human resource management are discussed from the viewpoint of small firms. The aim of this paper is to clarify the human resource management problems in a small firm and to find some suggestions on how these problems could be solved. The target organization in this research is a small expert design agency that specializes in HPAC-systems (heating, pluming and air-conditioning) and especially systems in hospitals and other official buildings. This is a qualitative case study which applies the method of action research. The gathering of the data is still unfinished and therefore the empirical part of this paper includes mostly descriptive material.  The theoretical issues explored in this paper include organizational learning, learning organizations and strategic human resource development. The people process model is introduced as an example of a model that combines the human resources with the business strategy. The special perspective of small firms is also elaborated. 
Source Paper presented at the 6th international conference on HRD research and practice across Europe: Human resource development - addressing the value. Leeds 25-27 May 2005. (Abstract; full paper incl. in CD-ROM).
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