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Subject HRM features in European context
Context Distinguishing continental Europe from the USA
Summary In Europe there tends to be:
  • more restricted employer autonomy;
  • less stress in free-market processes;
  • less emphasis on the individual with more on the group;
  • greater focus on workers rather than management;
  • increased role of 'social partners' in the employment relationship;
  • higher levels of government intervention or support in many areas of HRM.
HRM in Europe needs to be analysed in a context which witnesses competing forces of economic, social and business integration and disintegration coupled with complex patterns of both convergence and divergence in management practice.
Key terms Emphasis on: 
> the group (rather than individual);
> the workers (rather than management); 
> the social partners; 
> government intervention or support;
> competing forces in management practice: integration and disintegration, convergence and divergence
Source Sparrow et al. 1994, quoted by Nyhan 1999, p. 21; Sparrow 1995, p. 935
Descriptors D-HRD EP00          R02
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