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Subject Training developments in the NL and USA
Context Comparative study, based on an US survey (published 1994) and a subsequent Dutch survey, with nearly identical questionnaires, referring to 17 potential organisational developments (organisational, technological and training developments). 
Summary Training related developments anticipated by HRD professionals in the Netherlands and the USA show the following probability:
  • less emphasis on traditional training concepts; learning will be more integrated with work: NL higher than USA;
  • increase in self-guided learning and team learning: NL higher than USA;
  • increased employee responsibility for own work and career path: NL a bit higher than USA;
  • more training will be delivered 'just in time' and directly within the context of a job or task: NL about equal to USA;
  • the emphasis on high-performance work implies shift from isolated skill building to performance improvement: NL equal to USA;
  • companies will continue to experiment with centralisation and decentralisation, searching for the right mix of overall direction and local delivery of training: NL lower than USA.
Key terms Anticipated developments:
> learning integrated with work;
> self-guided learning and team learning;
> employee responsibility for own work and career path;
> training will be delivered 'just in time';
> shift from skill building to performance improvement
Source Streumer et al. 1999, pp. 263-272
Descriptors D-HRD EP06 EP08 EP09      R16
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