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Subject Conclusion (Jim Stewart)
Outline Can I close by thanking again our speakers for stimulating such a lively discussion. Thank you too to all of those who contributed with comments, arguments and questions. I certainly enjoyed the session and my impression is that all of you did too. 
     It is an impossible job to summarise or to draw any clear conclusions from our discussion. It seems apparent that many people share the views of our speakers that single models do not exist in either Europe or the USA. I was also struck though by some of the references to postmodernism in the debate. If I am allowed to express a personal view; and since I am the Chair of the session I grant myself permission!; I do think we can reach a post-modern like conclusion by asserting three things to be true. First, there is no such thing as an American model of HRD. Second, there is no such thing as a European model of HRD. And third, they are very different! Thank you all again.
Source Transcript of the author; recording of the session 'HRD Practice: A comparison of European and US models' held at the HRD conference in Edinburgh, January 2002 (see proceedings).
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