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Subject Reconciling learning, human resource development and well being in the workplace
Tarja Tikkanen, Rogaland Research, Norway
Outline The paper aims to contribute to the theoretical-conceptual discussion on workplace learning and HRD. Building on a broad concept of workplace well-being the paper suggests a cohesive framework for the research and practice of workplace learning and development of human resources and proposes that synergies between these fields should be better acknowledged. Three major concerns behind the proposition will be described and discussed: a taken-for-granted approach to adult learning in the current discourse on HRD, the fragmented state of research and theory in work-place learning and development of human resources, and the problems in the relationship between research, policy and practice in these fields. 
    The paper will be divided into three parts. the first part describes the proposed integrative model. The discussion in the second and third parts builds argumentation for a need for more holistic thinking about learning and working life development. The discussion shows, among other things, that effort to promote multidisciplinary research have so far not quite produced results in line with the expectations. The discussion in the paper follows the critical line, emerging particularly within HRD. A question to the promise and prospects of the 'holistic' alternatives will also be posed. Finally, some comments will be targeted to the academia too, and how its policies and traditions contribute to the picture of 'reality' in regards to the topic in question.
Source Paper presented at the 5th conference on human resource development research and practice across Europe: International, comparative and cross-cultural dimensions of HRD. University of Limerick, 27-28 May 2004 (Abstract; article forthcoming in British Journal of Occupational Learning).
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