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Subject Historical role of HR professionals in Europe
Context Comparison between Europe and USA
Summary The historical role and development of HR professionals varies considerably across Europe, as do their career paths. In the UK a strong professional body representing both HRM and HRD practitioners regulates initial training. Elsewhere in Europe this does not happen, and HR professionals can undergo very different training. In Germany for instance the extensive legal responsibility of HRM professional for collective employee relations necessitates a strong legal training, while their counterparts in HRD are more likely to have a background in adult education or psychology. There are also differences in the extent to which HR activities are contracted out (very high in the Netherlands and Belgium) and also in the extent to which HR responsibilities are devolved to line managers (particularly high in in the UK and Denmark, but much less so in France). 
Key terms HR professionals; HRM and HRD practitioners; training
Source Tyson et al. 1994 referred to by Woodall et al. 2001a, p. 341
Descriptors D-HRD EP06          R12
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