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Subject HRD practitioner's role in Europe
Context Comparison of 5 European countries: DE, FI, IT, NL, UK (carried out 1992-96), applying a questionnaire used in an US survey (late eighties)
Summary HRD practitioners' perceptions of their work performance (common features in 5 countries, with particularly high score by country in brackets):
  • role choices: change agents (FI, UK), instructors (DE, IT), programme designers (IT) and managers; additional roles: coach, reflective developer, consultative communicator;
  • work output: plans, strategies, guidance and support;
  • areas of competence: interaction, information analysis, organisation, and learning processes (DE, FI).
Altogether, a diversity of roles corresponding to the diversity of the HRD field itself.
Key terms HRD practitioner: diversity of roles
Source Valkeavaara 1998, pp. 174-185
Descriptors D-HRD EP06          R10
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