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Subject Mentoring in European companies
Context Explorative study in Europe
Summary Mentoring seems well established in Scandinavia, especially Sweden. There is evidence of a growing interest in the Netherlands. On the other hand there is little evidence of mentoring schemes in Southern Europe. This distinction lends support to the hypothesis based on Hofstede (1991) that mentoring is more suited to countries with low power distance and a high tolerance for uncertainty. There is however some evidence of a shift of emphasis in countries such as France, and a concern with generating more of a learner centred approach as opposed to a trainer centred approach. Such a shift could lead to greater enthusiasm for and empathy with, mentoring.
Multi-national organisations might provide a significant trigger for the spread of mentoring across Europe, either because of exposure to schemes via international placements or because of benchmarking activities through conferences.
Key terms Mentoring; learner centred approach and trainer centred approach; transfer of schemes via international placements or benchmarking activities
Source Walton 2000, pp. 273
Descriptors D-HRD EP06          R11
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